Trying to Make the Crispiest Keto Egg Rolls!

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Eggroll in a bowl: Soy wrappers (Affiliate link): …

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  1. Tamara Kinney
    Tamara Kinney says:

    I love egg rolls and I agree that the best part is the wrapper. I think I'll try this with the low carb tortillas in the air fryer. I've had keto taquitos in the air fryer and they were wonderfully crispy!

  2. Thea Stewart
    Thea Stewart says:

    Hi Girls. They all look great. I have to agree. I wouldn’t want to eat egg roll in a bowl. I’ll probably try the low carb wrap. I do my best to stay away from soy. Sarah, your idea of adding shrimp to the coconut one sounds interesting! Thanks for another great video!💗

  3. Anon
    Anon says:

    You did great girls. Love this. It takes practice to learn how to wrap an eggroll. You did excellent for a first timer. 🥰🤩😍💝

  4. Angie Ludlam
    Angie Ludlam says:

    So much FUN watching you two!!! Am enjoying your videos, trying some of the recipes and am soo encouraged by your sense of humor and attitude of technically keto! One meal at a time… 🤣🤣🥰


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