The VIRAL CRACK BURGERS Meets the CHOPPED CHEESE – Crack Burger Chopped Cheese

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What happens when you combine the viral Crack Burgers with a Chopped Cheese Sandwich? You get this Crack Burger …

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  1. @papo517
    @papo517 says:

    Hey cool hope you like that ranch dressing I work there we make that dressing and other dressings but sweet seeing that ranch dressing from litehouse in your video

  2. @jpcharbonneau6328
    @jpcharbonneau6328 says:

    Hey there, JP from Ottawa, Canada. Love your videos. I'm new with a 28" blackstone. During the seasoning I thought you said the 1st time bring heat to high and season 4 to 5 times. However, I think you should talk more about temperatures. On high, my griddles reach above 800 degress F. Resulting in warping the slate. I understand when you say low heat or mid heat but I think talking a bit more about actual tempurature would help guys like me just getting started. Thanks again and keep it up.

  3. @robc.5745
    @robc.5745 says:

    Watching you cook it was half the fun, Eating is was the other half, You cooked that like you have been making them for 25 years, And you made it look easy. Thanks for posting

  4. @SinisterMD
    @SinisterMD says:

    Looks great. A good melted cheese spread of some sort would probably be the only thing I'd think to add. I know there is cheese in there but just seems like some sort of melted cheese would go nicely. Looks great. Glad to see you didn't just make another burger with this trend. I like the different take on it.

  5. @Lettuce-and-Tomatoes
    @Lettuce-and-Tomatoes says:

    Have you ever thought about trying to make chicken fried steak on your flat top? I make it in a frying pan with about 1/2” of an oil / bacon grease mixture. You could use a small hotel pan on your flat top. The breading I use is super simple and delicious: egg, buttermilk, flour, crushed oyster crackers and Knorr chicken bullion powder.

  6. @arwiviv
    @arwiviv says:

    Im sure this is very tasty. Im almost pretty sure (without tasting) that the powdered ranch AND the ranch dressing together would be a bit too intense for me. Id keep half the powdered ranch but go with mayo and ketchup (it is a chopped cheese) on the bun.


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