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If you want to spend less on groceries, this easy trick to saving at the grocery store is one of the BEST grocery saving ideas!

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  1. Jackie Burnett
    Jackie Burnett says:

    None of our stores give rain checks! They use to but there’s nothing we can do about that. Milk is never on sale. But I shop sales and I really do not have to do a meal plan because I rarely need anything. But let me say you can always substitute if you put your mind to it. I do not shop at 2 of the stores except for sales. Walmart beats there price without a sale. Beware of by one get free! Here Winn Dixie is marks it up and another store can beat there price! Just know your prices that’s the key. I could really go on and on but I’m sure people are here to enjoy your video as myself included!! You have the greatest tips. Love your videos!

  2. Donna and Scott Lutz
    Donna and Scott Lutz says:

    We need to pay attention to pricing even when it comes to store brands vs name brands. Many times I have found name brands on sale cheaper than the store brand! (And yes, many times the store brand is cheaper… period.)

  3. Kim Stormer
    Kim Stormer says:

    Tawra, our two grocery stores have stopped sending weekly flyers in our weekly newspaper starting this month. I do get them electronically, but my mother and mother-in-law do not do computers so they do not receive them. I think it is a cost cutting measure for the stores.

  4. Frugally Retired
    Frugally Retired says:

    I noticed the 2 week sale price differences also. If interested I will make sure I purchase the item the first week. Then the second week they might have something on sale that wasn't the first week and then I purchase that item. We shop mainly sales.

  5. Kerryn Wright
    Kerryn Wright says:

    I'll have to start taking out 1-2 spoonfuls of cooked mince to put in the freezer & add to it. Love that idea! We already freeze any leftovers & love having leftover night where we have a bit of this & a bit of that, which is delicious as a meal of variety. I'd love to see your budgeting e-course ideas! We don't do a "budget" in the normal sense either as it uses up the time that I use for scouring for food bargains to save money for our pantry!! Thanks again for all of your great ideas & tips which are really helping me & our family. 🥰Blessings from South Australia💕🐨

  6. Valerie Kennedy
    Valerie Kennedy says:

    Our Aldi's where I live has chicken breasts with bone in for less than 5.00 a package. You only get 2 or 3 in a package but they are so huge that it makes 2 meals for 4 adults. They are great for grilling. I'm in Illinois.

  7. Ruth Dennis
    Ruth Dennis says:

    NEED A KITCHEN❓ Not really. In 1979 or somewhere in the late 70s I was a divorced mom of one son. A small house I rented did not come with a stove or refrigerator. I bought a used fridge, cash. Then I cooked with what I had,,, crock pot and a rice cooker and an electric skillet. This I did for the entire time I lived there,almost 9 months. My son was not yet a teenager. I cooked taco meat, chili, easy soups. Most roasts went into crockpot, then portioned out and frozen in the fridge. The rice cooker was also used to heat up soups and stews. If you think about what you have you can make almost anything work for you. I CAN AND HAVE SURVIVED TUFF TIMES.

  8. kim williams
    kim williams says:

    I have a friend that does grocery pick up at walmart. Twice now, she has bought a big package of stew beef. $20 on 2 separate occasions and the meat was spoiled when she got it home. She didn't call to tell them, nor did she take it back. She just threw $40 straight into the trash!

  9. Faith it till you make it
    Faith it till you make it says:

    I’m Brazilian so rice, beans, vegetables, meats, and a fruit for dessert are our staples for lunches and dinners. No matter your income in Brazil, we all eat this menu almost every day. We change things up by switching the meats and vegetables.

  10. karen diggs
    karen diggs says:

    I wanted to chime in here and say thank you for your shows, your suggestions, and your encouragement. One old movie my husband and I love to watch is 'Father Goose'. Its and oldie with Cary Grant but funny. Also, I watched your live show where you referred to the Philippines and living in third world countries. Spot on in what you said. I lived in the Philippines as a child, my father was stationed in Vietnam. My parents had 10 children so we had to find housing off base, so we had the privilege of living amongst the Fillipinos. I learned so much from that experience and am so grateful for the exposure of living in another culture. We were considered 'free range' children before that even became a term today. I am 60 now and have zero patience for what I consider whining in our culture today. We are on such a different trajectory then what made this country great that I am very worried about it but just keep talking to my grands, staying simple, and keep learning.

  11. Sanna P
    Sanna P says:

    Dave Ramsey keeps saying beans and rice because that’s all the wife can do jk chicken rice is cheap. There’s protein and add the beans to bulk it up 😅

  12. Barbara Hawkins
    Barbara Hawkins says:

    Excellent show today. Just like to say with all the uncomfortable things going on in our beautiful U.S.A. I listened to the song You'll Never Walk Alone. Toward the end of the song At the end of the storm, there's a GOLDEN LIGHT… Hold your head up High and don't be afraid of the dark. Walk On, Walk On. I cried after I heard this song. That's what we all need to do.. Hold our head's up high and not be afraid of the dark. Be Brave, Be Confident, WE ARE NEVER ALONE. Jesus is right there with us. AMEN.😇😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. kathy lovejoy
    kathy lovejoy says:

    One thing we have never been able to get in Canada, are Turkey's under a 1.00 a pound. Before covid, people would cross the Border to stock up on Turkey's at those low prices. Sadly just doesn't happen here. You can check this out. Wish we could, I'd load up.

  14. Marilyn Brewer
    Marilyn Brewer says:

    I have some a big package of frozen chicken given to me Cause I live by myself would it be OK if I slightly thought it out so I could break it up into smaller packages would it be safe to refreeze it would love your advice


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