The One Thing Rachael Ray Says Not To Do When Cooking Rice

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Tired of making lousy rice? There’s one simple thing you can avoid to make it better every time. Let’s take a closer look at Rachael …

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  1. abc abc
    abc abc says:

    As an Indian 🇮🇳 where grains, legumes were indigenous and cattle were first reared,
    Here are the tips I can give you :
    1) ALWAYS wash your rice until the white starch is removed.

    2) Soak your rice in water for 30-60 mins, atleast, if it's a Basmati (the non-GMO ) soaking for 1-2 is even better.

    3) Now, let the water boil and add salt as per your taste, remember that salt when in water creates the Na+ and Cl- radicals and ionises itself which makes the cooking of rice even more better.

    4) Now, when the water is upto a boil, it's NOW when you need to add the soaked rice, remember you don't boil water and rice from the beginning, instead, you boil water and salt and then add soaked rice when there is a rolling boil

    5) Cover the bowl half-so that some steam escapes and put it on a low flame and let it stay on low flame for 10-12 mins.

    6) Now you'd see that the water is evaporated and still some rice looks a little uncooked (maybe 10%), it's now you turn of the flame, cover the lid and turn the flame off, the residual heat will cook it

    7) Remember the water level should always be around an inch higher than the rice level, if it's Basmati (long grain), two inches of water level above rice is even better.

    8) if you want the rice to be fragrant, just in a separate pan add some ghee, heat it a little (not to smoke point), add some Cumin seeds, and when the seeds crackle, turn off the heat. Now, you can use this over as a topping over the cooked rice but i personally begin my rice with this method, by making a sizzled cumin over some ghee, add water to it slowly so that it doesn't splash, let the water come to a rolling boil, and then add my soaked rice.

    I have no idea why Gordon wants to add Cardamom to the Basmati rice, which is hilarious.
    Bas – fragrance
    Mati – A term for a lady,

    It's fragrant on its own. Has floral notes, can be so awesome that you can smell it being cooked a house away.
    Remember, that not all long grain rice is Basmati,
    If it has a Pusa or a CCRI written to it, it's enhanced genetically by the Central Government orders by their labs to make it more resistant to diseases and harsh weather, being a GMO doesn't mean that it's harmful, as the hype and fads say.

    Oh yes, you let the rice rest for 5 more minutes and then serve it, don't run a laddle into it to shake it, it's not worth it.


  2. Linda Skidmore
    Linda Skidmore says:

    You don't have to measure anything. Cook rice like pasta. Lots of salted water …boil it and add rice. Stir with a fork. After about 10 minutes bite on a grain if not ready keep boiling and checking. Won't take long. When soft pour rice into a colander and steam rice in colander over a little boiling water (put a lid over the rice) for just a few minutes to fluff it up and stir with fork. Ready to eat.

    COSMOS TREK says:

    definitely rinse the rice until the water runs clear. one cup of rice to one cup of water 1 tsp of oil 1 tsp salt. steam for 20 mins remove from heat leave in steamer with top on for 10 mins. then stir until rice cools. eat for put in frig for 2 houes

  4. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    I've heard that rice not grown in the USA is grown in fields that have arsenic. The main reason to wash the rice is to remove as much arsenic you can. Rinse until your water is clear.

  5. Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith says:

    My personal favorite is the jasmine rice. I just ordered my favorite brands in both the white and brown variety off Amazon last night. I recommend Asian Best. You can prepare the rice with or without a rice cooker. You just gotta rinse it off first. But, I can see why Gordon recommends basmati rice. He's from the UK and Indian food is very popular there. I learned by the time I was a teenager that you don't boil and drain the rice like you would pasta. And if you're new to cooking rice it's best to follow the instructions. 😄


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