The Most Distant Places Visited by the Romans

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  1. Timo Vogt
    Timo Vogt says:

    Hamburg isn't really at the Baltic sea. More the Northern Sea. There is the river "Elbe" from the Northern Sea to Hamburg but no river from the Baltic Sea. Did you maybe mean another city?

  2. Kurtlane
    Kurtlane says:

    Sorry, but the map at 11:06 has lots of errors.

    The river north of the Black sea labeled "Don" is actually Dnieper (or Borysthenes in Ancient Greek or Latin). Don is the river to the right of it, where Tanais is. "Tanais" is the Ancient Greek and Latin for Don).

    Lots of river names are modern (such as Danube and Wolga), and lots of others are ancient (Oxus, Jaxartes, etc.).

  3. John Calabrese
    John Calabrese says:

    Excellent channel but dude your speaking is like listening to the same part of a song over and over. If you spent some time developing your storytelling rhythm and intonation, I could listen to this channel for hours. With all due respect, because I think your channels is very very good.

  4. LJ SS
    LJ SS says:

    Come on, people, Roman citizens did make it to China by around the 600s. These were Syrians, some from Persia, some from Rome, who founded some monasteries in western China and wrote some cool Taoist Christianity texts, known as the Jesus Sutras. They prospered there under the Han dynasty until around the 800s, when things got rough for them.


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