The GREATEST Japanese PORK Dish Ever! Buta no Kakuni

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  1. Solifugid
    Solifugid says:

    Aaaahh and I just started my comp cut, only lean meats and veggies for me right now. Can't wait to make this afterwards!
    Also definitely love the longer recipes like this too, not all of them need to be 5-15mins 🙂

  2. Alicia Majewski
    Alicia Majewski says:

    Hi Aaron I just got your cookbook. I what to make the hotdogs for my son but, I know the hotdogs you use in Korea are a bit different than American hotdogs. Could you please tell me what kind to buy. I really what it to be as athletic as possible. Thank you 😊.

  3. Doris Alicea
    Doris Alicea says:

    Hi guys I will make this one as soon I found some of the ingredients, is not easy for me nothing is closed to me talking about Asian food, but I will working on it,remember me my country food of braise pork, thank u.😊

  4. Vixey Teh
    Vixey Teh says:

    It is comforting that these snack boxes have the book with the ingredients and allergen advice. I have been very careful to avoid allergens and I am proud to say I have not had an allergy attack for over a year now.
    I usually like cooking for myself to make sure there are no allergens in my food. Your cooking recipie tutorials have been a wonderful blessing for that.
    Thank you.

  5. Kay Kay
    Kay Kay says:

    Aaron, thank you so much for the recipe, looks sooo delicious! Once i tried the recipe where pork belly was braised in coca cola and soy sous+fish sous, it looked very similar and was super tender….maybe sweeter than Buta no Kakuni. just saying in case you would like to try. Looking for more of your recipes!

  6. Debbie I
    Debbie I says:

    I love your recipes and had purchased your great cookbook. I was wondering, though, why many of the recipes featured on YouTube were not included in your cookbook. I had hoped to get rid of all of the printed recipes I had made.

  7. Nelson Hill
    Nelson Hill says:

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