The Answers to All Your Thanksgiving Questions

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  1. J. Kenji López-Alt
    J. Kenji López-Alt says:


    My definitive guide to buying, preparing, and cooking a turkey:

    My spatchcock turkey recipe and video:

    My herb-rubbed spatchcock turkey:

    How to roast a whole turkey with a pizza stone:

    My spatchcock chicken recipe and video:

    My quick and dirty turkey brining guide:

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    My simple roast turkey breast:

    My turkey porchetta recipe:

    My turkey porchetta video:–98VRFpvEQ

    My sous-vide turkey:

    Not another cooking show’s turkey porchetta video:

    My herb-roasted turkey breast with stuffing:

    My smoked turkey:


    My classic sage and sausage stuffing recipe:

    My classic sage and sausage stuffing video:

    Slow-cooker stuffing:


    My fluffy mashed potatoes:

    My creamy mashed potatoes:

    How to make potatoes in advance:


    My easy roasted broccoli:

    How to Roast Carrots and Parsnips:

    My easy roasted Brussels sprouts:

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    My Roasted Brussels sprouts with chorizo and sherry vinegar:

    My Roasted Brussels sprouts with kimchi and ginger:

    My Homemade green bean casserole:

    My roasted pear salad with endive, blue cheese, and hazelnuts (this will work with apples!):

    My winter green salad with walnuts, apples, and Parmesan-anchovy dressing:

    My really easy cranberry sauce:

    A quick & easy cranberry sauce video:

    Donna Currie's Parker House rolls:

    Stella Parks' dinner rolls:

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    My Cook's Illustrated "Almost no-knead bread":

    My "Better no-knead bread":

    My NYT "Updated no-knead bread" (paywall):

    My No-Knead Bread video:


    My turkey gravy recipe:

    My turkey gravy video:

    Chef John's "Hot roux, cold milk, no lumps" article:

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    A VEGETARIAN Thanksgiving:

    My Vegetables Wellington:

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    Vegan stock for gravy:


    My "foolproof" vodka pie crust:

    My pie dough recipe and Stella Park's pie dough recipe:

    My apple pie recipe:

    My apple pie video:

    How to get the best texture from apples:

    The best apples for pie:

    Cook's Illustrated's pumpkin pie (paywall):


    My stuffing waffles:

    My stuffing waffle croquettes madame:

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    My hot and numbing shredded turkey:

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    My easy turkey and Brussels sprouts quesadilla:


    My big guide to planning Thanksgiving:


    Expiration dates:

    Jacques Pepin’s Turkey:

  2. Ben Murray
    Ben Murray says:

    Seeing as gluten is what makes pastry difficult to work with: why is gluten free pastry 10x more difficult to work with?!

    I imagine during your experimentation you've played with gluten free flours as alternatives when creating pie doughs and I was wondering what about them cause the whole thing to invariably be a flaky awful mess?

  3. Rebekah Finley
    Rebekah Finley says:

    My uncle gave me a KellyBronze turkey. I was going to spatchcock it, but he’s adamant that I follow the instructions – start the bird breast-side down, then flip over. Isn’t spatchcocking a better way? I don’t want to ruin the turkey, but I can’t see the downside of spatchcocking.

  4. D Z
    D Z says:

    I haven't watched his videos in a while, and I almost didn't recognise Kenji. The voice is the same, the usual depth of knowledge, but he must be on a fitness journey, and good for you, Kenji!! Keep it up!

  5. lgolem09l
    lgolem09l says:

    Hey Kenji, I've read you love your beans, but I've not found any real information from any site or your content about pressure cooked beans VS beans cooked in a normal pot. Is that something you checked for taste/texture differences?

  6. J Signal
    J Signal says:

    Just wanted to add to the frying turkey safely thing.. Test the volume with water. I would place the still frozen and wrapped turkey into the pot, add water to submerge, remove the turkey, and note the level of the water. Put that much oil in when it's time to fry. Sometimes, I'll even let it sit a while in the water to speed the thawing.

    Also, make sure it is defrosted AND dry. Not as big an issue as ice in most cases, but it will minimize how much the oil reacts.


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