Teaching Kids About Real Food | Liz Haselmayer of Homegrown Education

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The task of educating our children about real food has never been more important than it is now, but it can feel like swimming …

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  1. Sanja Dakic
    Sanja Dakic says:

    Hi Lisa! I'm originally from Croatia and English is not my first language. What is the name of organic make up you are using?
    P.S. I love listening to your podcast 😊 It's very inspiring ✨️

  2. Vivers Holistic Nutrition
    Vivers Holistic Nutrition says:

    Born in ‘85 too, and my story goes the same way, and I’ve also lived diet free for about 5 years since I had children. I even went down the vegan route and with an eating disorder for a while. Now I consume mostly animal foods, lots of fats, and nourishing food as well. My fertility shot through the roof and I’ve never been healthier and I even look prettier now that I’m the weight the Lord made me to be and the foods I consume.
    So lovely to hear other women speak the same language, and with similar stories.
    And Lisa, you look gorgeous!

  3. Tamara’s Self-Sufficient Life
    Tamara’s Self-Sufficient Life says:

    You bring up great points. I don’t believe in eliminating any food in my whole-food, from-scratch eating. However, my portions must be too large, because my weight is too high. I certainly love this way of eating, just need help with portion size.

  4. ProLifeCharlotte
    ProLifeCharlotte says:

    How is collagen peptide not another processed food? Why not get the collagen from homemade bone broth (less processed?). It seems like another fad to me much the same as protein powders were all the rage. If you're recommending getting the nutrition from real food, why in the same conversation recommend the latest popularized food industry product? What am I missing?

  5. Miguelina B Nasr
    Miguelina B Nasr says:

    Lisa, use vital proteins collagen peptides and get it from Amazon at the best price, but I have seen it in other traditional type stores and pharmacies. Tried a few other collagen peptide brands just to see if there was a difference, and there definitely is; they all have a serving size on the label, but the concentration of the collagen peptide is different for all brands. Vital Proteins enjoy immensely because it's pasture-raised and just 2 scoops a day for 20g of collagen, versus having to take more times during the day to get that amount. I might look into trying something different soon but truly prefer brands that only require 1-2 scoops a day to get the 20g of collagen. It's worth researching to see which type is best for you.

  6. Amanda Lashley
    Amanda Lashley says:

    This is my favorite podcast yet. I grew up eating all the junk and now I'm trying to heal a very damaged gut and all the health issues that come along with that. It is my passion to teach my kids the things I didn't know about nutrition and equipping them with the tools to make better food choices than I did growing up.

  7. Michelle Gordon
    Michelle Gordon says:

    This podcast has by far been my favorite one. I went to school and got a bachelors in Nutrition and everything she's saying is true, but for some reason it is not being broadcast to the world like it should be because of marketing and money hungry companies targeting children with disregard to their health. You discuss never buying convivence foods like granola bars, crackers etc.. people don't realize how easy it is to make them at home in a much healthier way.

  8. Ben Pearse
    Ben Pearse says:

    The one thing I found worked really well is doing a buffet-style dinner and always making sure there was something in the choices that I knew the picky child had eaten before. And tried to make sure dinner was at the same time every day so no snacking needed because they were 'hungry'. It worked and as we all do, their tastebuds changed over time.


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