TASTIEST High Protein Creamy Tuscan Chicken! Only 502 Calories! #foodie #recipe #fatloss #fitness

TASTIEST High Protein Creamy Tuscan Chicken! Only 502 Calories! #foodie #recipe #fatloss #fitness

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High Protein Creamy Tuscan Chicken! Only 502 Calories One of the best tasting chicken recipes i’ve made, the sauce has so …

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  1. Bala Krishna
    Bala Krishna says:

    "low fat milk" "light cream cheese"….lol. The food mafia that made us all fat by pumping sugar has successfully convinced us that dietary fat is the enemy and make us eat totally unnatural foods. Fat is what makes milk milk and cream cheese cream cheese. Fat slows down sugar/glucose absorption and prevents insulin spikes and by extension, insulin resistance.

  2. Cláudio Ferreira
    Cláudio Ferreira says:

    500 calories?

    Let's see:

    Two chicken breasts
    Then the olive oil…
    Ad low fat milk. Ok
    But then ad cream cheese and parmesan? With tomato sauce?
    And then acompany it with rice…
    All that (excluding the cherry tomatoes and spinach) in 500 calories?

    Too doubtful

  3. XmasVet
    XmasVet says:

    Brother, I've tried this recipe and two others the other day and they all turned out awesome. Trying something new for the first time is always a bit challenging, but it all worked out in the end. I'm currently in the process of changing my eating habits and on a weight loss journey in general. I'm pretty sure, some of your records will be with me on that journey, so thank you very much for uploading these!


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