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Welcome back everyone! Today we are sharing another day at home with us on our homestead! #largefamilylove #homesteading …

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  1. @kkwojt07
    @kkwojt07 says:

    It's a nasty, rain day here in PA. I have wedding soup in the crockpot for dinner with homemade bread on the side. It's just something simple. All your food looked good as usual. Always makes me hungry, lol! Twice baked potatoes are my favorite! But as you said time consuming so I dont make them often, but when I do, I eat them all, lol. I make mine with the potato obviously, but then i add sour cream, chives, bacon pieces, and cheese. So yummy!

  2. @callmeeustace.6718
    @callmeeustace.6718 says:

    Do you all have a smoker? If so in order to save some money and still have a convenience meal maybe Gerry can smoke some ribs and you can vacuum seal some to throw into the freezer. Since they are cooked all you would have to do is throw them in the oven to heat through, just like the ones from Sam's. They would taste better too because you can season them how you like and use the BBQ sauce you like. If he does a few racks at a time it would be so time consuming. Maybe when he is already making ribs for the family, just throw on a couple more racks to be frozen for later use.

  3. @lindascott6637
    @lindascott6637 says:

    I love the convenience of those ribs too but I don't like all the sauce. I prefer a dryer rib. I take off most of the sauce and depending on how salty it is will add my rub. They are much better that way. Just my opinion.

  4. @JamieClements1982
    @JamieClements1982 says:

    At home today between sickness and work on farm , so weird to not be at church! Glad y’all are enjoying teaching childrens church. You two are great for it! I’m trying your mayo recipe. Every time I try to make some it never thickens.

  5. @vickiemouse2359
    @vickiemouse2359 says:

    The saying, “ Man works from sun to sun but a woman’s work is never done” is true in most households…but you got a good one!
    Gerry is a loving, caring and supportive husband and such a great dad!
    God Bless you all🙏🏻🕊✝️🌸♥️

  6. @MrsAlmaTrumble
    @MrsAlmaTrumble says:

    This Sunday, I am grateful for the challenges that have made me stronger and the opportunities that have made me grow. May I always see the silver lining in difficult situations. Have a Beautiful and Blessed day and week ahead. See you next video. Stay safe and healthy. God Bless.


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