Salisbury Steak TV Dinner #starspangleddishes

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Salisbury Steak TV Dinner Recipe: A Comfort Food Favorite Let’s cozy up with a plate of nostalgia as we bring you the ultimate …

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  1. quick easy delicious [먹자]
    quick easy delicious [먹자] says:

    Hey Charlie!! I’m here for this!! Yay! Salisbury steak!!! I haven’t had any of those in decades lol hahah oh panko!! Interesting!! I love how you say Worcestershire sauce!! I cannot ever say it hahaha 🤣 yes nicely seasoned, it must be delicious ❤thanks for sharing 😊God bless you and your loved ones always ❤

  2. Andrews Simple cooking
    Andrews Simple cooking says:

    Hi Charlie you really have pulled out all the stops with this Classic TV dinner I admit your looks so much better than I made lol mind I don’t think I had mushrooms with mine what a delicious meal thanks for sharing , I have some catching up to do with your videos I will be binge watching the next couple of days, enjoy the rest of your weekend

  3. Cooking With Denise
    Cooking With Denise says:

    I really enjoyed all the history of the Salsberry steak. That was very interesting. Your Salsberry steak looks so yummy. I remember having these for dinner and they were not Swanson’s TV dinners mama made them from scratch.

  4. Boris backt und kocht
    Boris backt und kocht says:

    great intrduction regarding the background of the dish, like always, Charlie. Very good. Amazing what ingredients come in with the minced meat. Great sauce! This is really a comfort food / soul food. Thanks for this recipe and video. Greetings, Boris.

  5. My Ajji's Kitchen
    My Ajji's Kitchen says:

    Good morning Charlie. This dish is something that every American can relate to! LOL. I like the one-handed egg action! I am glad you told them about the anchovies.. Good stuff! Beautifully done brother. Sandee


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