Realistic Jordan Poole Trades?

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  1. Eyekahn Meta
    Eyekahn Meta says:

    Pool is still too inconsistent. Atleast Dreymond can defend and he affects the game in several ways. OTHER than Pool who cant defend and is too wild with the ball.

  2. dearshomy
    dearshomy says:

    Who do you think the Warriors should target for signing or trading for? I keep thinking of Christian Wood, Jerami Grant and Caris Levert, it can only be one of those I know. Also, do you suppose Cleveland would be open to trading Levert? Though I think he has a player option.

    BASEDTEXAS18 says:

    What whole roster going look like who is going be gone and new 🤔 hope it don’t go back to the dumpster warriors it was tough watching jarred Jack and Corey Magette day warriors 💀 but warriors for life

  4. Peaceful Reality
    Peaceful Reality says:

    I like Orlando for Poole. He does work out with Paulo and he player with Mo Wagner at Michigan and is good friends with Franz. Poole still scored 20.4 ppg with 4.5 assists off the bench and his production jumped to 26 ppg when he started. None of the backcourt at Orlando has production that high. Plus they have more defense which could hide him a bit more. Sounds like a good match!

  5. 20 80
    20 80 says:

    This is comedy. The meme of Jordan Poole, being the factor of what’s wrong with the Warriors is a sure sign that the dynasty is so over.

    If Klay Thompson, Draymond Green are on this team next year, then Joe Latham is more about loving the pass, then building a winner for the future. Appropriate in the bar will swing back so much so that the only people who would love the Warriors will be only in Oakland because Silicon Valley would’ve abandoned them .

  6. yan't get right
    yan't get right says:

    Yo alch, IMO I think Poole should be in the starting lineup and we should just enable him to be a star and near primary ball handler. If we get Klay back, he should learn how to play less because the warriors biggest problem is about regular season fatigue. BUT in that case, Steph should also learn how to play less. Play more decoy. Let’s try a year of that. Last year’s Denver series was honestly a Rosetta Stone to how long term success can be achieved with old guys. Steph off the bench energizes everyone else. Not suggesting he comes off the bench, but definitely think he shouldn’t be positioned as this offensive savior anymore. Think about Game 2 of this years LA series. Because if Steph doesn’t want to be full on Heliocentric (he could score 50 a game but it’s clear that the rest of the team can’t function like this and he really only embraces the necessary selfishness fully in game 7 situations) he should pass off the reigns to someone who wants it. Stephs gotta think about being a second option AT LEAST for the bulk of the regular season, and Poole is an awesome piece to give more freedom to honestly

  7. Badabingbadaboop
    Badabingbadaboop says:

    Magic fan here. I'm personally not interested in Poole. Seems like a bad decision maker. Those types of guys are fine as role players, but he is a high usage player that has to have the ball in his hands to be effective AND has a huge contract now. It's just a huge no. Zero interest at all.

  8. sasa jELisavac
    sasa jELisavac says:

    Pool is on a max dollar!
    His EFF is 16.1…which gives him position number 88…on a max dollar!
    To compare J. Clarkson-Utah- EFF 17, position 77, for 14 million!

    Even guys like Olynik-Utah or Green-Rockets have better EFF than Pool…
    I mean good luck with trading him….

  9. N1ic1o
    N1ic1o says:

    Jp and kuminga for jrue is just absurd. Yeah he becomes Andre 2.0 but an Andre but that's downhill Andre not prime Andre cuz he ain't a guy with no injury history, specifically hamstring and knee injuries. Also his not as big as Andre as we saw with the game against the heat. So he could technically only guard 1 to 2 and the 3 if that 3 isint a superstar. Yeah I get that you got to give steph as much help asap but I don't think jrue is going to move the needle alot cus yeah you're adding him but you're also taking things away.

  10. Preston
    Preston says:

    At this point i just want whats best for Kuminga. Was so happy when i heard he said "play me or trade me." Its been so frustrating seeing all that potential being wasted.


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