PUT IT ALL ON GREEN!!! – New Modded Stardew Valley

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Stumpt Plays modded stardew with twitch integration Subscribe: https://bit.ly/3Qtowu5 Twitch: http://twitch.tv/stumptgamers Watch …

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  1. 2elexis
    2elexis says:

    If you need quick trash for a quest, you can go to the mines lvl 100 and fish there. You mostly get trash because there is only one type of fish you can get. With two of you fishing for it. Prob would get it done within a day

  2. OnlyMsNicky
    OnlyMsNicky says:

    I haven't watched the whole vid yet… but this is a little painful to watch them with the star points. I'm surprised their twitch chat didn't tell them to start the event with Lewis to get some extra star points. People backseat game until you really need them to chime in. Then they are completely silent 😂😂😂

  3. Spyhermit
    Spyhermit says:

    It's weird, but the way it works is if you dump it into a chest, and then pull it out, you get the xp. if it automates into a machine you don't get the xp for the first stages, only the final one. So yes, pull the recycler from the chest and go collect the stuff.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Respectfully, I don't think Aenne is getting the most out of the Automate mod. She could have chests adjacent to autograbbers and cheese/mayo machines in the barn and coop. In case you hadn't already noticed


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