Preparing For Whatever Might Happen | Things We Don't Talk About Stocking Up On | $220 Kroger Haul

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Preparing For Whatever Might Happen |Things We Don’t Talk About Stockin Up On | $220 Kroger Grocery Haul | I Saved $79 On …

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  1. unitunit glue
    unitunit glue says:

    Cook from scratch. It’s cheaper and helps combat “chicken wings”. A good budget helps you realize how much money your poring down the drain on unnecessary items. If you put an extra can or item away every trip to the grocery store then your not battling everybody else in town when society has a flare up. Think back to Covid lockdowns for items you needed. Make a list of things you can’t go without. If you have to look it up and Alexa/Siri isn’t an option what do you have at hand?
    Buy from dollar store first!
    Then shop big box or online. A lot of this gets pricey and you burnout fast if you do too much too soon. It’s not a race, buy on your budget!
    Other things to consider are:
    bathtub bladders to hold large amount of water for cooking, cleaning,washing. Water that doesn’t move stagnates. Consider a 5yr water stabilizer and keep it on hand. Safe and Amazon carry’s it. Usually less than $10.
    Compass, duct tape, sun tan lotion, hat, canteen,gas container. Hygiene items.
    Actual cookbook. (From 1950’s or thereabouts. it will cover a lot,have substitutions, and give basics on cooking)
    Rope,climbing carabiners (look for weight ratings), cooking pot,eating utensils,plates or bowls.
    Small travel tool kit (this should be in your car already), silcock key (turns specialty nut/bolt on park fountains), spare car key hidden on exterior of car via magnet box.
    Consider making copies of important pictures, id’s, passports (get passport, lasts a decade), book passages (why carry the whole book?), printed phone # list (include police,fire dept), printed maps (free at denny’s,rest areas,libraries😁) and anything else you’d waste time grabbing in an emergency and having it in a “go bag”. If you grab it all at once, it’s lighter,faster, and your not kicking yourself later.
    Survival books covering first aid,water filtration options, navigation,rope knotting, shelters, camp fire starter, and tents/sleeping bags.
    Stock go bag with other needed items. Make one for every family member. Preppers call this a bug out bag. call it whatever you want.
    Good walking shoes. And I mean GOOD walking shoes. Nothing slows down travel like a blister.
    Electrolyte powdered drink mixes like Gatorade, liquid IV, ensure, etc.
    canned goods last between 2-5 yrs depending on what it is inside and the metal used to make the can. Power goes out, there goes your freezer/fridge.
    jelly/jam, honey,maple syrup.honey and sugar are a 1:1 conversion.
    Food dehydrator? Spoilage of purchased items is disheartening and a little prevention goes a long way. Plus you can make your own mushroom powder seasoning,jerky, dried fruit, fruit roll ups,etc.
    trail mix, nuts, dried fruit. Not sexy but it’ll keep you sturdy.
    Wheat berries (hard red winter wheat is the most common baking flour). Grind your own flour and it’s magic the difference in bead flavor you get.
    Powdered milks (several different kinds),eggs,butter, cheese, pasta,rice, oats,grits,creamy wheat,canned milk (condensed/evaporated), dollar store shelf stable milk.
    First aid kit, floor sweeper (non electric vacuum), extra bottled water or filters. Splurge on a good first aid kit and check expo dates on items just incase you order online or it’s been in the store for a while.
    Solar phone charger. Dead phone is a brick, dollar store has spare cables these days too!
    Candles,flash lights, cards, glow sticks, fire starters (lighters,fero rods, etc), and cb radio/wind up radio.
    Have cash on hand. if power goes out and you need to fill gas tank or buy something(between $100-$1000 if it’s possible for you. Banks can give you cut/tear proof bags, just fyi 😉).
    Salt is usually overlooked and it’s a big one. People don’t understand just how important salt is to a healthy body. Spices.
    Metallic car dash window sun reflector (sounds weird, but you can use it to cook with as a slow cooker)
    Pool noodles, anybody that’s gone camping knows the value of dollar store pool noodles.
    Medications (even just cough meds and advil). Consider infections, hospitals not being an option, and disease.
    Cleaning products. Soaps, vinegars,bleach (6-8 month shelf life for some bleach formulas, be mindful the chemical does wain).

    Ask yourself if the power goes out what do I need?
    If I’m sleeping outside or in car what do I need?
    If you need defense what are you comfortable with?
    Use your local library for free books, get your neighbors to start doing the same stocking up, garden,green house, and do emergency drills once a month. Be honest about how quickly you can leave a situation if you have to.
    Is your vehicle able to get you out of town?
    Where would you go? If your separated from your kids do you have a meet up place? Do they know phone numbers without an electronic device? Or addresses?
    Is it safer to stay in your house and wait the problem out?
    Older people called this putting things away for hard times. Honestly, this is just common sense that should be passed along.
    Good luck and god bless!

  2. Beth Schleter
    Beth Schleter says:

    My daughter is baking bread this year for 4-H. (She does a great job and it is delicious.) My husband said at the rate things are going, we may be baking our own bread on the regular.

  3. Donn
    Donn says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    I love your accent, Mel! ❤️
    What a lovely idea to make baked goods for your parents and father-in-law! ❤️ Have fun making them!

  4. Donna Dullaghan
    Donna Dullaghan says:

    Hello, I just found your channel a few days ago and I love it! You are very calm and relaxing to watch. Besides all of the things everyone else is stocking up on, we have been stocking up on some cash just in case something happens and credit/bank cards don't work (although anything electronic will not work if something crazy happens…think pumping gas). Anyway, I'm glad I found you, have a good Father's Day!

  5. Melanie Williams
    Melanie Williams says:

    I just came across your channel. Thank you for sharing your grocery haul. I always seem to feel like I’m organized when I go grocery shopping, and have a budget of what I want to spend, but always seem to go over it🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. Kim S
    Kim S says:

    So much junk food and sweets. Just because something is on sale doesn't mean you should buy it or even worse buy two of them just to get a special price. You need to think of your health. 🙂

  7. Mississippi Girl
    Mississippi Girl says:

    Hi Mel! I wish we had Kroger here. I have been stocking up on bath tissue and paper towels. We don't always have a good selection. Thankfully, everything else is always in stock. I don't always keep my pantry stocked as well as you do. I hope you're having a good week.

  8. BGail
    BGail says:

    Do you like the meat in the tube?? I've heard it's not great. I'm probably a little bit timid to try it because of that. Does it also come in different fat contents? I don't cook below 90% ever. Ty!


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