Potato Reset Day 7 | WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Down 60 Pounds

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Hi, I’m Ami, and I am on a journey to lose the last 10-15lbs following the principles of the Starch Solution & Calorie Density! So far I …

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  1. Debbie Bunny
    Debbie Bunny says:

    I need to get some of those cleaning sponges. Not a good idea to let the little one chew on it, sorry to say. Keep the cleaning tools up high and put her toys low so she can grab them easily. Good luck with potato reset.

  2. Andreea Saitoc
    Andreea Saitoc says:

    I’m planing to do the potatoes reset for another 2 weeks so I’m glad you continue for another week ❤ Also, could you share the aubergine recipe? You mentioned miso and soy sauce, is that it? On the stove?

  3. Bird Song
    Bird Song says:

    Never cooked sweet potatoes before today! OMG they cook so fast compared to white spuds! Absolutely delish! Admittedly there’s some vegan marg and pickle involved, 😂

  4. Simples Meerkat
    Simples Meerkat says:

    Building muscle certainly helps with fat loss…not weight loss. Your BMR will raise slightly. I love that! Sitting on my arse repairing muscle and being able to eat more calories. Yay!
    This morning…no gym but I am doing a 20 min leg workout from THENX. Dead legs. Love it!

  5. G A
    G A says:

    …what a beautiful baby you have….thx for your great vids…did you happen to notice that she was actually munching on that 2-sided sponge…you could see her chewing? . . . God Bless…

  6. Kelly Wood
    Kelly Wood says:

    I make a tomato salad. I'm a dill pickle lover. I chop up pickles, onion, and tomatoes. I add lots of black pepper and garlic powder. I love it. I need to get some purple sweet potatoes. I love purple stuff.


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