POTATO RESET DAY 2 | Down 60 Pounds

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Hi, I’m Ami, and I have lost 60 pounds following the principles of the Starch Solution & Calorie Density! I am uploaded these …

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  1. Karen Hollingsworth
    Karen Hollingsworth says:

    Is a tomato sauce considered a vegetable portion of the plate? I will cook potatoes, either gold or sweet, add a bunch of veggies (eggplant and zucchini, and mushrooms are my favorites) and cover with tomato sauce. I don’t know if you can buy the brand Muir Glen no added salt brand tomato sauce, but it’s delicious just add some Italian herbs. And you could make pasta for the kids, easy lovely meal!

  2. Team T
    Team T says:

    Any flavours go together if you fancy it, today for lunch Im having airfried baked potatoes (need using up) topped with yesterdays lentil curry, with a bit of mango chutney on the side. Never seen anyone else eat that but why not!

  3. Toni Sharp
    Toni Sharp says:

    Can someone pleeeeeease tell me how to make fries in the air fryer out of hawaiin sweet potato and normal potatoes without them being completely dry and horrible 😂

  4. K 2creates
    K 2creates says:

    You do the coolest stuff……you make the coolest stuff…….your family is darling…….and you look great! Your hair is getting so long! Keep up the great work. We really appreciate all your hard work. Looking forward to the new meal plan and
    Indian cookbook! Thanks!

  5. Toni Sharp
    Toni Sharp says:

    It's crazy how our tastebuds over time will change if we stay consistent with the foods we are eating. I don't know if I could ever want veges in the morning like you do but I would love to get to that place! You're so creative woman
    Can't wait for the potato reset ❤
    I've just been eating either a baked sweet potato or mash alongside a massive bowl of steamed veges with hummus for dinner every night this week and smoothie bowls for lunch
    Simple no recipes required and don't have to think about anything

  6. Us Girls DIY
    Us Girls DIY says:

    Hey Ami, just curious I got your ebook and I’m allergic to cashews sadly so can you recommend something to replace them and how much to use in your recipes!? ❤ love the ebook so far seriously easy and lovely to read! So excited to get all the stuff to get it all going!! ❤

  7. Jill Ponce
    Jill Ponce says:

    When I have leftover veggie rubbish, I’ve always tossed it out back so the wild rabbits, chipmunks, birds, quail and the occasional javalina will get rid of it for me. Never thought about turning it into soup and eating it. I’ve heard of making veggie stock and then tossing out the extra fiber though.

  8. KCallaUT
    KCallaUT says:

    This is SO fun! I'm recovering from hip replacement so yes! Eating my veggies!! I'm going to turn my veggies into a warm soup! I was out for my morning walk and even though it wasn't snowing, it was windy and brrrr here in Utah. You come up with the craziest and good ideas Ami!!


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