Plant Based Success with Dr Milton Mills!

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Here’s Dr. Mills talk on Protein referenced in this talk: Here’s an interview we did with Dr. Mills …

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  1. Louis back
    Louis back says:

    I love being veggie all the way even though sometimes when im hungry and in the street i feel i want a meat sandwich cause i k ow it would confort me a lot.
    My culture is so based around meat that i struggle from times to times to find a main item to eat and satisfy my needs.
    So i keep eating nuts, sometimes seitan, or shrooms.
    But for winter we need some seriously heavy and satiafiing confort food.
    Any suggestions for me ?

  2. Aries C.
    Aries C. says:

    I have some questions, how to contact this Dr. Second I am vegan but cannot eat cruciferous foods, strawberries and others, because of thyroid issue. I am doing my own research too.

  3. Amy Keever
    Amy Keever says:

    Dr Mills thank you SO much for your influence ! I loved your talk on how our bodies are not carnivores and how God has this plan for us – just today we found out that my husband, who’s been on cholesterol medicine for 30 years, is now going to totally be coming off of his cholesterol medicine and we are thrilled ! He is no longer diabetic and almost to the point of not being a prediabetic after eating this way! He just finished his plant based nutrition in Cornell and will be our area’s first plant based pediatrician! Thank you for getting the word out to others ! To God be the glory !

  4. Jimmy Pee
    Jimmy Pee says:

    Haven't had a cold or flu in 12 years of being vegan. I used to get annually recurring chest infections before that. They said chest infections and tb ran on my dad's side of the family. Cleared up my diet and it all went away.


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