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  1. Jim N Jel E. Bean - DAY ONE
    Jim N Jel E. Bean - DAY ONE says:

    Chuck Box….I did not know what that was until today…Yeah I was in cub scouts, camping with the grandparents, By myself, but never heard that term I am sorry to say….I cook inside my 6×10 tiny, have the utensils arranged in zipper bags, Pans on the wall, but I may have to build one of these to give myself more space!! GREAT video sir. Thank you so much for all you do !!

  2. Damian Bloodstone
    Damian Bloodstone says:

    Blackbird and Bear Cookbook is in your future. All the things you spoke of are the things my momma and mom-mom taught me during cooking. Then my granddaddy schooled me on some other things. Thanks. Take Care and Stay Safe.

  3. C Luek
    C Luek says:

    I’ll want a chuck box mod for my truck that’s aluminum —take out or leave-in— that has a sink and stove in it, locks up.
    For that, I’ll want legs. Do you favor 3 legs (stable on irregular ground) or 4 legs that are adjustable?
    Please leave a link to Bears channel.

  4. Wojtek94
    Wojtek94 says:

    What about absolutely minimal cooking kit? Canteen and canteen cup set? Serbian mess kit looks interesting. Very compact, yet no free space for food. Polish mess kit can be hanged over fire, but it is quite bulky. No water bottle too. My canteen set has 0.5l cup. Not much. That is why I always attach Polish mess kit to my pack. M85 breadbag has flaps that fit its handle. It hangs outside. Video on minimalistic cooking kit, and how to overcome small capacity would be great

  5. wwwShadow7
    wwwShadow7 says:

    I was kind of hoping for a parts list. This specific alcohol stove. This specific box. But I guess p38 and p51 can openers are a good to know/have. Good ideas and tin foil and bags to avoid / minimize cleanup. When I was in scouts I was scrubbing pots after EVERY meal while all the other kids played. And ultimately quit scouts because of that, you can be your own mom B******s.

  6. Peter Slabinger
    Peter Slabinger says:

    Hi blackie , Great video In our scout troop we used buss restaurant trays for washing dishes. They are super tough and hold lots of water. Plus the are stackable. Also when washing your dish after a meal, it is very important to wipe out or (pre-clean) your dish before washing. It keeps your dish water from getting Scuzzy. You don’t want floats in water. Have a clean station near your washing station a simple garage bag, paper towel, and a scraper to get most of the food off your dishes to keep it out of your water.

  7. Steven LaDrig
    Steven LaDrig says:

    Blackie I had a miniature foot locker made up it's 18 in long as 16 in wide I put all my stuff in it like powdered eggs powdered powdered eggs powdered milk and whatever else I'm going to be taking off for those two days that I'm out there and that's what I carry and I got a candy I got two canteens of water

  8. Ravenbar's Repairs
    Ravenbar's Repairs says:

    Wishing I'd heard the bit about foil dinners before this weekend. Had one Friday night(just basic butter, 2 hamburgers, red pepper, onion, and potatoes) on my first overnight in a decade, and had everything cooked but the potatoes after an hr.

    My bushcraft/woodcraft/ect season has come to an end for the year. I'm not a hunter and deer hunting season opens next weekend. As all my areas to wander are on public land open to any/all hunters, I change hobbies for the year until the spring. I'd like to put together a decent chuck box just for myself, although I'm known to go way to heavy and destroy vehicles when I build one(still got the last one I build 12yrs ago out back It went on one trip, where the truck frame broke, due to rust and such, I'd already welded the other side, but the fuel lines ran right next to the break so it was done, You only get so much out of a $500 truck.)

    Would have liked to try the bacon bacon burger, as bacon gets a bad rap. Science has long shown the high dietary cholesterol does not equal high blood cholesterol, as your body can manufacture cholesterol. The entire "cholesterol bad" mentality dates back to a study referred to the "7 countries study" by Ancel Keys, which by cherry picking data from a larger group of countries, came to basically preconceived conclusions. There are also much more recent studies which indicate that blood pressure medications, which do lower blood pressure, do not lower the heart problem issues associated with high blood pressure.

  9. Briar Smoke
    Briar Smoke says:

    I have 2 chuck boxes, first one is for solo camping, in a plano sportsmans box. The bare neccessities: msr pocket rocket and fuel, bushpot, small fry pan, small percolator, plate cup bowl fork spoon. Room for a couple mre’s or mountain house, some coffee etc. the 2nd is in a big rubbermaid tote for family camping and has darned near everything in it

  10. cowboywrench13
    cowboywrench13 says:

    I want to go ahead and pre-order my copy of the Blackbird Cookbook, even if it will be 2025 before you can get to putting it out.
    As for a chuckbox, and not to steal thunder, but Cowboy Kent Rollins is a professional camp cookie, and he has that down pat, albeit on a cattle drive level. Wonderful YouTube channel as well.
    Bear, I will be looking for your channel when this video ends, but I DO enjoy your contributions and videos with Blackie. Blackie, thanks to you for all that you do to bring these videos to us. Memories and education, in a clean and clear format. Always something to look forward to.

  11. Wharton Phistle
    Wharton Phistle says:

    The reason chuck(The cook), was so pissed off, and his adepts, is he had to push forth as the lead of the day in the dark, untether the wagon team, get the fire going, all before everybody else showed up. Then they bitched.


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