Ninja Foodi Grill Review – What I Really Think!

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What I really think about the new Ninja Foodi Grill! I use my pressure cooker and air fryer daily so I was curious when the Foodi Grill came out. See what comes …

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  1. Rob Knapp
    Rob Knapp says:

    Hello thank you , The Typical Family. My quarry to you is when I grill out side the smoke adds to the flavor. But I would not want smoke in my home. How does the Ninja Foodi Grill rank on smoke removal ? And how does it get rid of the nasty smoke? Thank so muck !!!

  2. 1616rivers
    1616rivers says:

    Most annoying review of this product I have seen. Could not even watch all the way thru. Had it sent to her "cabin" because they don't have a grill – not too pretentious are you? Maybe read the directions next time and just skip the review – do the Foodi Grill people a solid.

  3. RobP
    RobP says:

    I think you got preheating, cook time, temperatures and functions all messed up. First, preheat is automatic. Then I saw the grill light go from high to low……?? Lol. Poor review for newbies!

  4. Hoot Graves
    Hoot Graves says:

    You never evaluated the "smokeless" feature that is the main selling point that separates smokeless grills from non-smokeless table top indoor grills.

    No Like or subscription for U!

  5. RobP
    RobP says:

    It’s a glorified air fryer, heat source from the lid, only when it’s closed. Grilling, roasting, baking, the heat source should be constant and from the bottom.

  6. Penna Sylvania
    Penna Sylvania says:

    I have one. It’s been sitting in the box unopened. I’m trying to find something to store it in. I have little to no counter space. Eager to try this machine. I’m negotiating in purchasing a credenza. Then I can store all my small appliances.

  7. Amanda Garcia
    Amanda Garcia says:

    Ugh Oh…….I honestly thought I was buying a pressure-cooker. Ugh oh:-(……THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for making this video….I love the Foodi Grill, regardless, so I really appreciate this tutorial.


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