My Vegan Story | why i went vegan, tips, and benefits

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Today I’m sharing my vegan story: how and why I went vegan, some of the benefits, and some of the challenges. If you have questions about your own vegan …

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  1. Pick Up Limes
    Pick Up Limes says:

    Nisha: this is the best video you've made so far. Everything about it. So genuine, so down to earth, so well filmed and well worded… it was lovely getting to know you better. Thanks for sharing this for others to benefit from. You're amazing!

  2. Mona H.
    Mona H. says:

    I don't know if I would like to be vegan but I would definitely like to eat and consume less meat.. thats one goal I am going to set for myself.

  3. Darryl Williams
    Darryl Williams says:

    You eat breads which are made with whole grains, which are complex carbs. Simple carbs are unhealthy to eat, while complex carbs are healthy. Simple carbs are what they advise people not to eat, while on a diet, but complex carbs usually get a bad rap in those diets. Everyone needs complex carbs, while no one needs simple carbs. There's no need to toss out complex carbs, while reducing the amount of carbs in ones diet. While whole brown rice has vitamins and minerals in it, white rice has nothing nutritional in it. I love everything you say in your video. Thanks.

  4. Devananda3880
    Devananda3880 says:

    Ancient yogis said that when you eat meat, you take the vibration of the animal into your being. Animals are usually afraid and angry when they are being slaughtered and you take that into your consciousness. That is probably one reason it was impacting your mood. Meat makes meditation more difficult, for one thing. Your moods are impacted by what you eat. You also unknowingly create negative karma. And because human bodies are actually not made for meat (or dairy), it creates disease over time.

  5. Elena
    Elena says:

    Can you make a video on your feelings on small ingredients in processed foods? (Like enzymes in bread that may be vegan or non-vegan, or dyes derived from animals)

  6. Emi Popescu
    Emi Popescu says:

    I can't become vegan because i literally don't have time to cook for myself.. Most veggies are tasteless or bitter because they're not naturally grown. And most of the food alternatives we buy in the stores is unhealthy, it contains high amounts of salt & sugar.. I've gained almost 10 kilos as vegetarian.. But then i can't eat meat either because i feel sick & low afterwards. This whole food thingie sucks. I wish i could just have a miraculous pill that'd replace healthy meals and that would be it..

  7. william mcculley
    william mcculley says:

    You are really pretty, is your husband vegan???
    I went vegetarian when I was 20 years old in college. I'm now 70 years old and people think I'm in my mid 30's. I have very little grey hair which you cant even see.
    At the age of 70 years old I have so much energy and I agree that its not hard to turn vegan if one really love them self.
    I love your videos and just want to thank you for them.
    When I first went vegetarian, my friends and family thought I was CrAzY. When I first started there was no internet and perhaps one vegetarian at either the library or store, and I didn't know any other vegetarian. Is your husband vegan?????
    Thank you!!!

  8. Kita
    Kita says:

    I love this video. I can’t say I’m 100 percent vegan. I’m more like 90 percent, I guess. I eat eggs. That’s all I eat that is animal product. I was 💯 vegan for 2 years and then things started to go down hill for me. I don’t know why. But I felt like I needed eggs. Once I started eating eggs, I started feeling better. I don’t eat them if they are an ingredient in a product, I just eat them scrambled. But I omit them from any other thing I buy or make. I don’t know why I started to feel better, but I hope to stop eating eggs soon. For now I’m doing the best I can.

    I love how you are non judgemental. I hope more vegans can accept “almost vegans” like me.

  9. Joanne Garibay
    Joanne Garibay says:

    Nisha.. great and vulnerable post. Thank you.. This is my first week in the "shopping" and "stocking" pantry phase and I am loving your videos! Looking forward to cooking my first day's meals. Saw the comment from Pick up Lines and your reply and found her and subscribed 🙂 Thanks again. Gma Jo

  10. Rachel K
    Rachel K says:

    Nisha- I started my vegetarian journey in high school (I'm 51 now) and transitioned to veganism about 15 years ago – your video explains things so beautifully and authentically. For years I kept "my vegan eating habits private" because it was more unusual and I didn't want to share it with others (although I often had to). Over the years I've become less self conscious about it and speak more openly but now I'll simply forward your heartfelt video which says it all so perfectly. Thank you!!!

  11. Robina Nuo Lin Lin
    Robina Nuo Lin Lin says:

    you are so beautiful from the in and outside! watching your videos is really fun and beautiful. i will try your hummus recipe! i can tell you that eating so much bread is very likely not healthy. especially non full grain bread. u like it so much because in the end, it is sugar which leads to diseases in the long run. energy gained from healthy fat and protein is better. you can try ketogenic bread (based on flour made from coconut, potatoe fibre, hemp, bamboo fibre, nuts, seeds like linseed, eggs can be replaced through chickpea flour and i guess joghurt/curd cheese through water, there is vegan recipes as well).

  12. Renata
    Renata says:

    Went vegan this year and my diet is mix of meat, and fish, and some healthy foods. My eating habits still needs to be under control.

    Thanks for sharing your story and challenges you had going vegan. I went vegan this year and the real reason is to reverse diabetes, and prevent future of family members dying from diabetes. Don’t wanna get too personal, yet I did for the animals, although most of the time it’s actually for my health. Because I get worried how I’m taking care of my mental, emotional, and physical health.

    Plus, this is out of topic I practice spirituality and being more conscious of how I’m nurturing my body, and mind my spirit feels pleased.

  13. Andrea Avila
    Andrea Avila says:

    You're so pretty and eloquent! I love your videos. They're so inspiring. Thank you. I also started eating a lot of bread since I became vegan. I manage it by having weeks in which I don't eat any bread at all.


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