My FIRST Ever BUCK with a BOW!!! Deer Hunting at My ABANDONED RANCH!!! (Catch Clean Cook)


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  1. ETM
    ETM says:

    The leg has a lot of tendon in it so it shrinks up it will get more tender as you cook longer under pressure like your instapot or in a pressure cookerIf you look on the video you can see that the meat was only attached on one end so it just did what it did

  2. HockeyP
    HockeyP says:

    Am I wrong or did the meat curl up because it’s a muscle… it’s basically the calf muscle of the deer and just like humans when it comes off the bone it curls up. Is that what it did there?

  3. Landry Johnson
    Landry Johnson says:

    Here is a recipe I do for Roasts, it would be good with some deer tenderloin
    INGREDIENTS: 1 pack each of ranch and au jus gravy powder. 1 stick of butter. Pepperoncini peppers.

    1. place meat in bottom of crock pot
    2. cover top of meat with 1 package of Ranch dressing and 1 package of Au jus gravy powder
    3. Place one stick of butter on top
    4. Dump one bottle of pepperoncini peppers (with the juice)
    5. Cook on LOW for 6-8 hours

    Hope you guys enjoy!


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