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  1. Teach Longbeard
    Teach Longbeard says:

    As always my friend, this is inspiring. It is versatile and I can see so much potential. This is a meal that I can get my kids to eat – all 4 of them. Considering that they are from 30 down to 13 is no simple thing. Thank you again for what you do.

  2. Denes K
    Denes K says:

    Actually if you use anything over 10% fat you don't need added fat/oil. I use a 15% all the time and you can make burgers that way and end up with liquid fat on the side.

    Sour cream is very popular from where I am from (Hungary). Unfortunately where I live (Costa Rica) currently sour cream is a sad yellowish disgusting tasteless half-liquid substance I wouldn't touch with a stick 🙁

    But this looks good. I might try this with tomatoes (100g has 3.7g carbs vs the 6-ish in the sauce). And probably it is more than enough for 500g of beef.

    Cheers ….

    ps: see, I like simple 🙂 I just hang up on the scrambled-egg one 🙂

  3. MsLeenite
    MsLeenite says:

    Thanks, Sahil. Looks yummy & couldn't be simpler. If you have a jar of chunky salsa handy you could even use that for the tomato factor, and give your dish a Mexican flavor.

  4. Carrie Jorgenson
    Carrie Jorgenson says:

    I just wanted you to know that as of today my husband has decided to change his life with healthy eating. while we will not be doing strict keto because he is not permitted to have high fat I am using your cookbook as a guide to some amazing dishes! can you please tell me how to tag you so that you can see how they turn out? I love your cookbook and I'm very excited to start using it!

  5. v a s
    v a s says:

    Oh I already do that and for years my kids (now adults) still rave about the magnificent flavors! Tomato and beef ? Ooooo yeah!!!!
    I have got to learn NOT to watch your channel on my fasting days! YUM!

  6. Cheryl Taylor
    Cheryl Taylor says:

    I think I like the five ingredient recipes better than the three ingredient recipes. They just don't seem like recipes to me. They seem like things you cook when you don't have a recipe because of so many pre-prepared ingredients.


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