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When I set out to write my second cookbook, which focuses on lighter eating, I knew I had to create a chicken dish that featured a creamy, avocado sauce.
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  1. Irish Rose
    Irish Rose says:

    Only the top layer of avocado dip oxidizes with or without the pit unless you put it in a dish that doesn't let air or light in. Lemon or lime juice is your best friend with avocado.
    I have never seen anyone slice the pit in half 😄

  2. Billy Ross
    Billy Ross says:

    You have some absolutely wonderful recipes, and I've tried several of them! However, for the love of cooking, PLEASE (pretty please) learn the differences between rough chop, dice, and chop. Respect your work immensely as you've done a wonderful job…just that terminology is very important when giving instructions for cooking. Best of luck to you sir, and thank you for your contributions to cooking / instant pot culture.


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