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As well known in America as its origins in France, Chicken Cordon Bleu stuffs ham and Swiss cheese into a breaded chicken cutlet. It’s simply irresistible.
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  1. Don Kelly
    Don Kelly says:

    Dude. I just want to let you know! You are my "go to" when I want to cook something quick and yummy! I got your recipe book, such a time saver. Thanks for sharing. Your recipes are very yummy. I look forward to your videos.

  2. KymberlyDawn
    KymberlyDawn says:

    I have had my pressure cooker for almost a year and it is still in the box because i am afraid to use it….pathetic I know but I have heard the horror stories and knowing my luck…

  3. Scott Spain
    Scott Spain says:

    Love your recipes. I'll be making this soon. If I could be so bold as to make a request, I'd love to hear tips for making half batches of your recipes. There are only two people in my household.

  4. Joy'sCurls
    Joy'sCurls says:

    Jeffrey, I have to say I absolutely love ❤ every recipe I've tried of yours, love your cookbook, just ordered your new one on pre-order, and I recommend you to EVERYONE!

    People think I'm a good cook, but it's all you Jeff! Unlike most recipes I make, I've never had to doctor up or add extra seasonings to your recipes because they are packed with flavor (the way recipes should be!).

    You're amazing! Thank you!

  5. Raymond Schneider
    Raymond Schneider says:

    I see/hear about risotto ALL the time. QUES: is risotto a MAIN dish or a SIDE dish? What would/should I serve with it? Your dish looks so fantastic, I can't wait to try it.
    Y'all Be Safe!

  6. Liz Griffith
    Liz Griffith says:

    Yummy gonna try this soon. Ty. Ty. Ty. Look forward to your posts. I've yet to try one that didn't turn our fantastic and I've done lots. Hubby's favorite is the meatloaf n potatoes.


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