Instant Pot Air Fryer vs. Air Fryer Lid – Duo Crisp or Crisp Lid HONEST THOUGHTS

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Hey guys! I’m Lisa Childs, welcome back! In this new video, I’ll be sharing with you my honest thoughts on the Instant Pot Air Fryer vs a Pressure Cooker Air …

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  1. Holly Darata
    Holly Darata says:

    I feel like your comparison is really unfair. It seems like you’ve had a lot of experience with the standalone fryer whereas you’re using the air fryer lid for the first time. Also, of course it’s easier to use a device that you leave plugged in all the time verses one that you store in a cabinet somewhere. It’s fine if you personally like one above the other, but please at least be fair in your comparison.

  2. Izzy
    Izzy says:

    I bought a Mealthy Crisp Lid for just one reason: It uses 1000 watts while all the stand alone Air Fryers and IP LId use 1500 watts. When I move I'll replace it with a 1500 watt stand alone model. The Vortex looks wonderful. The square shape of the basket will provide a lot more cooking surface area than the round and oval ones and your review was real great and thorough.Besides that the shape and stainless steel front looks really attractive if I choose to leave it on the counter Thank you Lisa

  3. Jill Mitchell
    Jill Mitchell says:

    Thank you but isn't the main point would be the way the food is cooked in both? Did you even mention how the lid cooks things aside from "it was kind of burnt"? (BTW, cook it less so it doesn't burn.)

  4. Sarah Boyd
    Sarah Boyd says:

    You’ve changed my mind! I may look for an air fryer that’s a little smaller the the giant one you have 😊, but I’m definitely feeling the stand alone!

  5. halvorsengirl
    halvorsengirl says:

    The Air fryer Lids seem awfully cumbersome. The Duo Crisp lid is just so easy to grab and set on the top and it sets off to the side on its cool little launching pad. Having to plug in another cord would be a deal-breaker for me. I have a small kitchen and the duo crisp takes up less real estate than any other combo. Love your videos!

  6. Linda Chastain
    Linda Chastain says:

    I see your reason for a stand alone air fryer verses an air fry lid. I was tickled to give my air fryer to my daughter and son n' law to use my new air fry lid on the one pot. I do usually only cook for 2, my husband and myself. The air fry lid has a fan circulating air in the one pot, cooking all around food. I used one pot in motorhome to cook casserole then used air fry lid to melt cheese and crisp up the top. I don't have room for additional appliances so the lid works great. I've used a nuwave for years, air circulation cooks the food evenly which I like with an air fry lid. Sending warm wishes. I love you all in Christ. Hugs.

  7. Pat Hobbs
    Pat Hobbs says:

    I have the air fryer lid. I'm an over the road truck driver. I cook on the truck and have limited space. It works really well for me and my husband.

  8. Rich Laue
    Rich Laue says:

    The metal insert with the IP brand forces the hot air downward around the food, then returns along the edge of the pot.
    I have the IP because of space.

  9. Mark Fischer
    Mark Fischer says:

    I bought the 8 quart Instant pot atomic duo crisp plus air fryer and it's really great but I've never used the air fryer. Instead I bought a deep fryer I use with peanut oil and you can't beat it. The oil is expensive but I've used the same oil for a long time and it never goes bad or adds a flavor. The food is never greasy.

    These appliances are not good for steaks. For that indoors I dry brine for 24 hours, deep freeze it, cook it in a cast iron pan frozen using the constant flip method in peanut oil at about 550 degrees until I get the caramelized surfaces and then put it in a toaster oven at 275 until the internal temp is 125. The alternative is to grill outdoors.

  10. sathoshyhiro
    sathoshyhiro says:

    bought the mealthy lid last year. it is for roasting but that’s about it. that’s why i sold it and bought an air fryer. was life changing. love my instant pot and air fryer

  11. MerryMash
    MerryMash says:

    I have the air fryer lid and honestly it is heavy and cumbersome. My partner used a cane and lifting a heavy lid like that and trying to maneuver takes two hands and balance that my partner doesn't have. We've ended up buying a cheap air fryer and we're gonna sell the lid

  12. Brad Andrews
    Brad Andrews says:

    You really need to try the Duo as noted below. The insert adds value as well.

    Your conclusion misses a lot of the features with the Duo.

    Your "fake lid" sucks.

  13. Robert Jones
    Robert Jones says:

    If you owned one you'll be more convincing.ijs great product tho you got your point across.but you didn't do your home work…..just enough to get by…i give you. A D-.

  14. Maisie Smith
    Maisie Smith says:

    You said you had a different air fryer. Which do you like the best.
    I love zucchini chips I make myself but I don't like using all the grease. I would definitely like to try an air fryer so would like your honest opinion on them

  15. JZ Thompson
    JZ Thompson says:

    No need to whine about cleaning the stainless steel pot. It's dead simple to clean, and can be used with parchment. I clean it by adding water, a drop of dishwash liquid, hitting steam for a minute, and everything just wipes clean. Swirl and dump in the sink.
    I never, never put my pressure cooker away. I use it every day and got the lid for browning and crisping immediately in the pot. Love it. Would never bother with yet another appliance.
    The lid comes with a silicone trivet to rest it on, so no burning.

  16. Mommy's Metal
    Mommy's Metal says:

    Thank you so much!! I've been going back & forth on which one I wanted to save for but now I'm convinced that I want the stand alone air fryer. It's big enough for my size family & will enable me to remove the deep dryer & toaster oven from the counter. I appreciate the side by side comparison.

  17. Caelidh Goode
    Caelidh Goode says:

    who honestly "stores" their Instant Pot? Mine is on our counter all the time.. no "pulling it out of storage… ".. Also, I actually like the lid YOU have for your IP. One thing I have been vacillating about is whether to invest in an ENTIRE new Air Fryer device (I do have a SMALL DASH AF but it is too small).. or just get a LID for my IP. However, the IP AF LID is ALMOST as large as an Air Fryer itself!!! (not really but it has a large profile!). I like the lid YOU have because it is a smaller profile.. and like you said.. if say you were cooking say a CHICKEN in your IP you could just put that lid on and crisp it up.. I like that. We do NOT have that much space and my partner is griping about me considering yet ANOTHER "gadget".. Yet he uses the oven ALL THE TIME for heating up pizza etc.. which seems super wasteful energywise.. He also insists on using a toaster rather than having a toaster OVEN which would be more diverse in applications. Sometimes I want to make a "melt" and would have to pre-heat the entire oven.. which makes it a pain.. and wasteful.

  18. bettyann marrone
    bettyann marrone says:

    I forgot to say the thing that convinced me not to get the combo Instapot air fryer is because you were saying how hot the rim gets. I am sure I would be burning myself all the time. Lol

  19. bettyann marrone
    bettyann marrone says:

    OMG I just found your channel today and you have helped me so much with just two videos.
    I was so happy to hear you say that the 6 quart Insta pot is sufficient. You have a few more people to feed with yours, but I always like to make a little more so that I can freeze it. I cook mostly for myself. I also wanted to get the air fryer and didn’t know which one to get. I have been waiting over a month to buy my instant pot save enough to get the one with the air fryer lid and that was a quart. I didn’t know if I should get the inlet independently or on it or if it was even any good. Today you have save me so much money and I can take my ChristmasGift cards and get lots more than I thought I could with it. This week I’m headed to target to get my 6 quart instant pot. And if I have enough left over I will get an air fryer. Thank you thank you thank you! You definitely have a new devoted followers to your channel!

  20. Francis D Homer
    Francis D Homer says:

    I'm researching which I want, a stand alone air fryer or the lid for my Instant Pot. You'r video hasn't helped much on that decision. What you have done is helped me make up my mind as far as the lid for the instant pot goes. I do not want the Mealthy Crisp Lid for all the reasons you listed. The lid that Instant Pot makes addresses your concern that you brought up with the Mealthy Crisp Lid. Instant Pot lid also has all the function that your Air Fryer has. The pot for the lid keeps the drippings and such away from the liner so you could go straight from Air Frying to cooking. In one video I saw them cook a total of 6 chicken fingers in two layers. Still with the 6 quart the amount of food is lower than your stand alone. I don't know about the 8 quart. In conclusion I want to thank you for helping me decide on the lid. I'm still not sure as to which way to go. If I go with the lid and I remember I'll let you know my thoughts if you would like.

  21. Gale Ward
    Gale Ward says:

    wish i had seen this a week ago. i already have a 6 quart air fryer that I love but I bought the 6 quart fryer lid. I think I'll send it back simply because of the volume of food my stand alone can hold


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