Instant Pot 101 – Oatmeal (porridge button)

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This turned out amazing !!! 1 cup old fashioned oatmeal 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk 1 cup water Instant Pot 101 – Have a new Instant Pot ?? Come …
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  1. Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson says:

    1xCup H2O, 1xCup almond milk, 1xCup rolled/old fashioned oats, using the "porridge" button and reducing the time to 3mins. It took almost 22mins to tell us what should have taken one or two minutes. I was pulling my hair out! It was like when I was a kid and my mom was taking pictures. "TAKE THE DAMN PICTURE MOM!!!!!"

  2. Ariadna Meza
    Ariadna Meza says:

    I did it and I liked it. I've already done it twice and its exactly how I like them. My favorite work breakfast food. I use lactaid milk and i too have multiple rings lol. Thx for the video.

  3. C Cruz
    C Cruz says:

    PrepWhisperer thank you so much for sharing this tutorial, I was trying to find out what Porridge is and is how I found your video. So porridge is oatmeal? I am asking because I seen different answers some people say tes and some say no.

  4. Nate H.
    Nate H. says:

    11:10 is when the recipe begins.

    Thank you very much for this recipe, first of all! I just made this and it is some of the best oatmeal I’ve ever made. I have a few recommendations for future videos.

    I think it’d be best if you split videos like this or make time stamps available so people can skip to parts like the recipe beginning. About half of your video is an introduction that could be its own video and you could link it in the description if anyone wants it and you can mention it here before the video starts for people to check it out, like if someone is a newbie and wants some of your personal tips and tricks.

    Additionally, it was difficult to know the exact amounts you used. But definitely thank you for putting it in the description! I think it’s best to mention just the amount used and try not to include other numbers as it’s confusing for viewers. When you were talking about the number for oatmeal, you mentioned your 1/3 cup a lot and I got confused thinking it was 1/3 of a cup of oatmeal you were adding, not 1 cup. Best is to include a short little caption below as words so it’s clear to the viewer.

    But again, thank you for the recipe! It came out great and I look forward to seeing more of your recipes.

  5. Robyn Logan
    Robyn Logan says:

    Thanks for the video… it really helps when you are new to the IP world it can be a bit intimidating!! I started a whole foods approach to cooking and no salt – sugar – including the fake stuff – and oil and it has been life changing learning how to use the Instant Pot…. so Thank You!!

  6. Tinker Too
    Tinker Too says:

    Appreciate the series that you're doing with the instant pot and all of its buttons, the multigrain function used with the brown rice was fantastic. You loaded the pot and set the pot and did not change the time rice was great, and then I got confused went back to the oatmeal or the porridge button, watched that video two times. Maybe I missed something but why did you change the timing after pushing the button? Is the time set on the button for steel cut oats? I'm just confused and I'm trying so hard to learn this instant pot and follow your classes your instructions wonderful so I'm sure it's something that I have missed or misunderstood as to why you changed the time on the button because changing the time on the button means just use the manual button don't even use the porridge button that's how I'm seeing it please correct me set me straight what am I not seeing? Thanks for helping me and for all you do and for the patients that you have for people like me. My porridge button says 12 minutes on normal. I love your videos they're very informative lot of good ideas and you're very very thorough. Thanks for your help and we'll see you when you're next video.

  7. Debbie Haney
    Debbie Haney says:

    A problem I have cooking oatmeal in the microwave is it usually boils over and creates a mess. I started doing overnight oats, but they still boil over if I try to heat them in the microwave the next morning. I’ll have to try the Instant Pot. I’m wondering if I could use a pot in pot method so I could only make a single serving. Of course, I could probably use the Instant Pot for reheating too.

  8. Amie LuvsLego
    Amie LuvsLego says:

    What size instapot did you use? Also what size would you recommend to buy if you don’t have any. I have a family of 5 but I often don’t cook for everyone cuz they are older and all are picky. Most of the time I cook for 2 to 4 people.


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