Inexpensive Hearty Meals to feed your large family for the day | No excuse cooking for hard times

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  1. Mel in AZ
    Mel in AZ says:

    did you know that you can make a mayonnaise out of the aqua faba from the bean juice in the garbanzo beans or whip it up for a mild whipped topping.

  2. Sharen Read
    Sharen Read says:

    In Canada 🇨🇦 we call them S’mores.
    Graham Wafer Crackers as the sandwich. Roasted marshmallows in between,melted chocolate bar,or
    icing on top.

  3. a Netzband
    a Netzband says:

    I especially love that Bubble Pizza Casserole and think I might try it on a much smaller scale. I was wondering how in the world that was going to be able to bake in that pan without overflowing and was very happy to see you put the foil underneath. Yummy!

  4. Michelle Sunshinestar
    Michelle Sunshinestar says:

    I got a skirt today!! But it needs black leggings. So, I did Amazon Prime, try before you buy, so I chose XL and XXL. I'd rather err with bigger. So hot, my AC has been on all day. I bought a coffee frothier too.

  5. Katherine Kinnaird
    Katherine Kinnaird says:

    Yay! Today am cooking from the pantry! Yes I was thinking what could I cook from what I have in my home and yes I like Mennonite recipes thank you Amy God bless you all from Bakersfield California💪🏽🙏♥️🐝👵


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