I Tried to Cook American BBQ for Italians


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  1. Silver Letter
    Silver Letter says:

    wearing masks is epic cringe. Stop being so afraid of living. You are traveling in a land which used to rule the Mediterranean. A people long ago who lost whole armies and still fought to win wars. Wearing a diaper on your face because people tell you to is embarrassing.

  2. Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia says:

    it’s best to rap the meat cuz the juices want to escape the meat so the best way is to rap it in butcher paper and tin foil. plus idk why but shredded meat to me is an absolute sin. it makes it dry and it’s gross. it’s best to slice it . that goes for any meat in my opinion

  3. Michael Hagemann
    Michael Hagemann says:

    Looking at your vertical smoker in Italia you really needed the pan of water on the first rack but then you wouldn't have been able to smoke both pork butts at the same time.
    The wrapping in foil is important because you're steaming the meat forcing moisture back inside, while the meat is wrapped you should increase the temperature in the smoker to finish cooking, the meat should already tender at this point.
    Arron Franklin in Austin TX wraps the meat in foil with a little liquid, the liquid can be water or apple cider, it's up to you.
    I was trained by Myron Mixon at his house in GA, I prefer his method of using a food tray to put the meat in once the smoking part is done, ad liquid then wrap the top in foil and put into the smoker.
    When you wrap only in foil there's not enough room for steam to develop, plus you could get a pin hole for the liquid to drain out.
    Use a food tray covered in foil because it allows room for steam around the meat.
    With your BBQ made back at home, using a kettle grill setup for offset cooking works but you need to rotate the meat 160° every 30 min for even cooking.
    You have the right idea with the tray of water in the smoker, you always want the tray of water, however, even with the tray of water you still need to put the meat in a steamer tray with liquid and cover at the end of the cooking.
    Once the meat goes into the covered steam tray you can pull out the original water pan from the grill or smoker, another option is to use your original water pan as your steamer pan and move it to the top rack.
    I use a cheap Dyna-Glo wide offset smoker and placed a pan of water on the bottom rack, look for the brand on Amazon, the prices go up and down depending on how close you are to the shipping warehouse, I paid $220 for mine.
    You want a smoker that allows you to add more coals and wood without opening the food area.

  4. 8 8
    8 8 says:

    Your meats too dry after pulling. You need to wait until it's cooled down more before breaking it up and save the drippings to pour back over it afterwards.

  5. The Midsouth Cyclist
    The Midsouth Cyclist says:

    I came here ready to be critical, but you actually did BBQ. Using a grill is not BBQ, but smoking is (there are actually definitions). My compliments from Memphis, TN, home of the annual International BBQ contest. We know our stuff, and I think you are on your way to a larger world.
    Standing invitation if you visit Memphis to be my guest for BBQ (at a different place than you went before).

  6. Thomas Sullivan
    Thomas Sullivan says:

    I used to work for an Italian company and have traveled there many times. From my experiece most Italians are very particular about food. I feel for you during this cook. Should have used only half the meat, should have wrapped and should have rested the meat, but you already know all that. The cool thing about smoking pork shoulder or Brisket, once it hits the target temperature it will stay plenty warm wrapped in an ice chest for 5 hours or more. Next time it will be better, guaranteed.

  7. Frank Faz
    Frank Faz says:

    Foil wrap would have sped up your cook by a few hours. Not to mention it would have helped you push through the stall much faster. Most BBQ restaurants here in Texas start at low temps around 225-240f and once they wrap they crank up the heat sometimes as high as 300f. Almost every BBQ spot here in Texas wraps that's just part of the process. Im glad everything turned out great and they liked it. Next time make sure you wrap and try spicey Texas style sauce. Saludos from Dallas, Texas!

  8. Tanya Large
    Tanya Large says:

    I think you're the sweetest, and so brave!! I think both looked great, definite improvement on the second one which is how cooking goes I feel. I'm so curious to know what kind of pasta dish the uncle made, it looked like chickpeas in it?

  9. SilvaDreams
    SilvaDreams says:

    Generally you would baste the meat with it's own juices as it cooked or use apple cider vinegar so it doesn't just dry out the outer layer and get too crusty and you need to let it rest for at least 45 minutes which is when you wrap it and let it rise the last few degrees which also lets it stay nice and moist.


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