I Made My Own CUP NOODLES (DIY Cup Noodles 3 Different Ways)

I Made My Own CUP NOODLES (DIY Cup Noodles 3 Different Ways)

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  1. Conrad Taylor
    Conrad Taylor says:

    Fantastic recipes and I'll definitely give them a go. I have been just adding arugula but it seems that I can add a lot more. Now, I need to head to H Mart to stock up on some much needed ingredients. Thanks for sharing and please do keep the videos coming. Bravo!!!!

  2. ProcrastinatorsAnon
    ProcrastinatorsAnon says:

    The cheap instant noodles don't need to be cooked ahead of time, they will cook in hot water like the thin rice noodles. The only problem with that is I'm not sure how to fit it into the jar without making a mess lol.

  3. F Amp
    F Amp says:

    If u guys can find vegan asian style meatballs / vegan fish cakes/ dried veggie – really good to add in as well. Or even flavored tvp to sprinkle on top.

  4. PiMac TV
    PiMac TV says:

    Fresh meal prep is a different consistency, but I have a dehydrator, and this is one of my fav things. make your own instant meals for on the go =). You can make quick rice, or instant pasta, etc,. Everything fruit or veggie or grain is roughly shelf stable and will last for ages dehydrated and vacuum sealed. The only thing you would have to add after the fact when eating would be if you wanted something like sesame oil or chili oil etc,. oils and fats will spoil. Make your own flavours of oats, but the big bag plain and season individual jars. I love the wide (but thin) rice noodles usually in Ho Fun or Chow Fun, the stores near me sell them in round balls they drop right in the wide mouth jars.

  5. David's Vegan Life
    David's Vegan Life says:

    Another awesome yummy 😋 recipe video Rose. Love 🥰 the video. Due to inspiration from yourself and other vegans I am now making vegan lifestyle content on my channel and renamed from davidsallotment and have a lot of videos planned. Love 💕 Rose.

  6. Zepzour
    Zepzour says:

    This is awesome, I just happened to buy new mason jars I will certainly be doing this. Definitely adding peanut butter and cilantro to mine!


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