How to Make Gluten-Free Bread with Caputo Gluten Free Flour (Fioreglut)

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Once you make your own gluten-free bread, you’ll never want to buy it again. Easy and delicious, you’ll wonder why you never …

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  1. dream catcher
    dream catcher says:

    Well I just discovered this through my facebook group. I've made one loaf and ate half of it shortly after it came out of the oven. My second loaf is proofing now. Tomorrow I'll make pizza dough and focaccia. Then bagels and oh my …! Then of course, I'll need to buy more flour.

  2. Tracie Ide
    Tracie Ide says:

    Okay, first of all, this flour is fantastic, and this bread recipe is heavenly. I think. I have NO EARTHLY IDEA how it happened, but after turning my oven to broil for the last five minutes, my bread burst into flames inside my oven. It literally burst into flames with 2 minutes left on the timer. After calming down the children, the dogs, the cats, and my alarmed house guests, I scraped off the charred, black, crust and we ate it anyway. What in the world did I do wrong? Maybe it was just the day. It’s been a doozy. I think I need to say my prayers and go to bed:)

  3. Harry Evans
    Harry Evans says:

    Morning Sir and followers. I have just made the most gorgeous 4oz rolls with this flour. If I could put a photo of them you'd see how beautiful they look and OMG they are soft and airy inside and the smell well. I got 8 × 4oz out of one mix. Thank you Sir for the impartation, 👍👍👍👍

  4. Harry Evans
    Harry Evans says:

    Good afternoon Sir, I made this bread today, I did the wrong thing by resting it in a glass dish, had a problem getting it out but it didn't go down much. I cooked it in a non stick frying pan. The bread was fantastic, the only problem with my bread was the crust it was very hard(didn't stop me eating it, gave my teeth a workout). Could you tell me why my crust was so hard please.🍞


    THE BEST! I've made this bread, the focaccia and pizza several times already, without any issues. I do weigh all the ingredients precisely and use cold water. The dough has frozen well.
    All have been delicious!
    Is there a recipe for ciabatta?

  6. birdyboyblue
    birdyboyblue says:

    Unless one is diagnosed with either celiac disease (about 1 in 150 people) or wheat allergy (much rarer) then gluten free offers no benefit. You're just wasting your money and/or time.

  7. Deanna Johnson
    Deanna Johnson says:

    I’ve made this a couple times and it is delicious. My only question is can anything be done to soften the crust a little. Mine comes out extremely hard, or should I reduce the baking time? Thanks!

  8. Sal B.
    Sal B. says:

    Thank you for the great recipe. When made right, this bread is the best. I would have to agree with some of the other comments, though. Be very careful with the broiler. Within 3 minutes, my bread was ruined. The top was burnt to a crisp and it set off all of the smoke alarms. I will skip it next time and just leave the bread in for another minute or two…

  9. Mary Mcisaac
    Mary Mcisaac says:

    I just made this loaf today. This flour is a game changer for me. It rose beautifully but fell a little when I dumped it into the Dutch oven. Next time I’ll try a cast iron pan. The crust and chew that this bread has is amazing. I’ve made the pizza and focaccia also with the Caputo Gluten free flour. Amazing!! I can’t say enough about it. Thank you so much

  10. Laura Collins
    Laura Collins says:

    Thank you for this recipe. However, I tried your suggestion of turning on the grill at the end for an extra bit of browning. The whole top of the loaf burst into flames and set off the smoke alarm. I managed to put the fire out with a tea towel, which was ruined and had to be thrown away. The bread itself was OK, I scraped the burnt layer off the top.

  11. Dan Allen
    Dan Allen says:

    I've just tried making this, followed the recipe exactly but found it can't out very wet, far wetter than it appeared at all stages of the video. Any idea why? It pretty much fell apart as we turned it out the bowl

  12. Robert Euston
    Robert Euston says:

    I’ve been a Celiac for a number of years now, and the biggest issue has always been Bread. I love bread, but nothing gluten free even comes close. It tastes like cardboard, makes me feel sick, and too full of starch. There is no – I repeat no – supermarket gluten free “bread” that tastes even remotely like bread. Ditto so called “gluten free flour mixes” or "best gluten free recipe ever" videos you can find on the internet.. Its been a major problem for me.

    The discovery of Caputo Fioreglut has been a major turning point. I cant express that enough. Thank you Michele so very much, I have you to thank. I found your videos on youtube, and bought the Caputo Fioreglut from Amazon the same day – I made pizza with Caputo flour the night the flour was delivered – it was really good – best gluten free pizza I'd ever had. But today I made bread just as you showed in your video here. Except I used a pizza stone instead of an iron skillet, and mine needed 5 hours to prove in our cold English winter..

    My goodness it made good bread. The crust is spot on – absolutely perfect – the crust tastes right, feels right, right texture, smells amazing – the whole shooting match. The crumb (inside) Is still not as delicate as a professionally made (gluten based) sandwich bread, but goodness its as close as it gets gluten free (and better than anything I've had before), and absolutely delicious! And I made it myself!!. Amazing. A whole new world has openned up to me!

    Molte grazie, Michele – I cant thank you enough.


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