How to make FAMOUS Mexican Baked Smothered Chile Verde BURRITOS Recipe

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Hello & welcome to the Views Kitchen! In today’s recipe, we will be showing you how to make easy baked burritos. Filled with Carnitas and smothered with a …

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  1. Dawnita Lutz
    Dawnita Lutz says:

    I made your green chicken enchiladas yesterday. First of all I put on some 60's music and was singing and dancing around the kitchen while making them. My husband would come in and look at me and then just leave. I haven't had so much fun in a long time. Second of all they were delicious and my husband loved them. I want to thank you for your instruction because otherwise I wouldn't have made them. I found out how tomatillos are used (which I always wondered about) plus the house smelled wonderful. Thank you SO much!!!

  2. Lotus Love
    Lotus Love says:

    So I made this tonight for my daughters birthday. Used roasted poblanos. This is DELICIOUS !!!!!!! Even her fussy pickie eating boyfriend ate it and said it was good. He doesn't even like Hispanic food. I know, I know ! SMH ! Thank You & Cloud for all your beautiful tasty recipes. Will be making again . 🥰💞❣

  3. Esmeralda Barela
    Esmeralda Barela says:

    I made this last night and a batch of the red wet burritos. I felt like I had way too much food, but nope everyone had 2nds. Added bonus I had a little extra sause of each and made chilaquiles in the morning. Huge hit and it was a lot easier than I would have thought. Thanks for the videos!

  4. sabimusikful
    sabimusikful says:

    I thought you poured the salsa on a paper towel lol 😆 and I think my favorite part about your channel is you just having a conversation with your sis while you cook 😀😀

  5. Nina Segovia
    Nina Segovia says:

    This recipe looks so good. Love all your recipes and all the ones I’ve made have turned out great! Thank you guys for sharing recipes and giving detailed steps. Btw I love that jacket!


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