How To Make American Cheese | TRASH CHEESE

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cheese Are you finally ready to figure out how to make American cheese? This trash cheese excursion is only 4 ingredients and …

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  1. Jan P
    Jan P says:

    This is interesting. Sometimes need trash cheese. Thanks! I'll have to order the sodium citrate or figure out how to make it. I doubt potassium citrate would work? ( I have that!)

  2. arkesh
    arkesh says:

    Overall, I really enjoyed the video (first video I’ve seen on your channel), but I think it was a little hard to hear because of the background noise. I think it would be better if you voiced over your videos in post, and maybe only cut to the original audio when needed, that way you can record in an environment where you can isolate just your voice, and you don’t have to worry about talking while also cooking. Keep up the good work!

  3. ertai50506
    ertai50506 says:

    The real beauty of this recipe is the customization available. Any cheese that will melt can be treated this way. Cream cheese can even be added for richness.

    Provolone/mozz + Bleu + parmesan + a little bacon grease near the end makes the best bacon bleu burgers or steaks.

    Mild Cheddar and Colby are the standard cheeses for American. I like to sub extra sharp cheddar and parmesan for my standard American. Sometimes I’ll even add 3-4 dashes of crystal hot sauce after all the cheese is melted and smooth and use this with rotisserie chicken and egglife wraps.

    Swiss + parmesan poured over a pile of pastrami or corned beef. Can even do the sauerkraut if you eat fermented veg. Throw this on an everything bagel egglife wrap for good times.

    Provolone + mozzarella + parmesan + your favorite Italian cold cuts. Opt. Italian seasoning in the cheese.

    The options are practically limitless and can be expanded further if you eat seasonings

    Beef stock base + granulated or dehydrated onion + white cheddar = steakhouse onion cheese

    Etc etc etc.

    My recipes differ only in that I generally use water instead of milk as my base. I come here from keto so I’m still programmed to avoid carbs and sugar.

  4. ertai50506
    ertai50506 says:

    The way I usually sell people on the sodium citrate is that it can literally be made in your kitchen with baking soda, citric acid, and boiling water. People seem less terrified of “chemicals” they know.

    Love to see you out here plugging for Amer…. Trash cheese. It frustrates me that it’s so vilified. Because even the commercial deli grade slices, the fast food high volume slices, and the Kraft deli style really aren’t that dirty. They’re all pretty similar actually.

    It’s the individually wrapped singles, the cheez whiz, the spray cheez and Velveeta’s of the world that are truly Franken-food.

  5. WryLife
    WryLife says:

    Wow, I had no idea it was possible to do this. I agree, I will feel a lot better about eating it knowing what's in it. Sometimes there is just nothing like that smooth goodness of "trash cheese." I especially like it on Spam. 😉
    THANK YOU for making this video.


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