Full Day of Eating Keto Whole 30 [homemade spaghetti sauce recipe + frothy dairy free latte at home]

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Saute garlic in oil for a few minutes on medium heat, being careful not to burn. Once caramelized, add tomato paste and crushed tomatoes, stir. Add spices and …

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  1. Sufiness
    Sufiness says:

    Thanks for all the great info. You're inspiring. Hey – Your content speaks for itself – it definitely doesn't need all that background noise/music/racket (sounds even worse at 2x the speed).

  2. avebury
    avebury says:

    After being keto, carnivore and whole 30 I'm now doing what I call low fiber keto, just to give it a name. And I don't view it as restricting myself.
    I think it's important to just simply take what we learn about nutrition from these diets. And incorporate that into a WoE that works for us. Make something you can stick to and provides the well being you desire 🙂

    I'm mostly eating animal products, but I feel like roasted pumpkin I'll eat some some roasted pumpkin. If it's cold and I'm feeling phlegm in my throat, I don't hesitate to put a massive dollop of honey in my lemon and ginger tea. If I'm low energy I eat more fat. If I'm bloated I'll eat less fiber, etc.
    And if I'm not meeting my weight loss goal I'll fast.

  3. Betty MK
    Betty MK says:

    Girl, you need to try some quality coffee beans and a manual grinder for your coffee. I'm addicted! I also have a delicious ketchup recipe I can send you. Pretty sure it's Whole30 but it does have dates in it.


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