Food Bank Haul 5-23-23! Using Local Resources to Feed My Family Of 6

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Join me in this heartwarming and inspiring video as I embark on a journey that combines the joy of giving back with a delightful …

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  1. karbear26
    karbear26 says:

    Loaded bake potato soup is a good way to use up potatoes! You could always shred them and use your dehydrator and have hash brown potatoes for later! Sorry I was yelling at the screen don’t eat that much vinegar but you didn’t hear me sorry!!

  2. Joni Youse
    Joni Youse says:

    Peel and cube and cook potatoes. Make a cheese sauce. Saute onions, green peppers, whatever you may have. Add leftover meat or a half a pound of ground meat or whatever you may have. Mix. Bake as you would a baked macaroni and cheese or baked spaghetti.

  3. G’ma
    G’ma says:

    I love potato bake, slice potatoes, diced onion and bacon, covered in cream with garlic seasoning and topped with cheese baked in the oven till cooked ( potatoes are soft) 45 mins on 350 and dang I want some of that steak haha yum 🤤 and those lights are perfect!!! ❤❤❤

  4. Martine O
    Martine O says:


    Spray with little oil
    Be generous with a sprinkle of garlic and paprika powder
    Put them in the airfryer for about 20 minutes to half an hour on the highest setting, toss them halfway through.

    I eat it with a garlic/yoghurt sauce
    Yoghurt, bit of salt/garlicpowder/parsley and a tiny bit of lemonjuice.

  5. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Your top is really pretty and so cute too. Fries or chips. Roast potatoes are good too. Boil the cut potatoes until they are abit soft and roast in the oven/air fry etc. You can use semiola and oil to coat them to make them extra crispy etc.


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