Final Grocery Haul From Walmart Before Thanksgiving $209.00 Roaster, Red Truck, Tablecloth, Plates


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My final grocery haul from Walmart before Thanksgiving. I spent $209.00 on things such as a Turkey Roaster, Plates and Napkins, Freezer bags, Cat Treats, …
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  1. Debbie Reilly
    Debbie Reilly says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm going to pickup some Debbie cakes tomorrow yummy. Thank you for sharing your groceries haul Debbie, have a blessed evening stay safe and healthy. Happy Thanksgiving Debbie for you and your family. 🙏❤🦃🦃

  2. D Sinavich
    D Sinavich says:

    Hi Debbie! That's quite the grocery haul! Very good prices ! Here we would pay twice as much for less . Cute red truck! Have a great week stay well and keep on vlogging ! Stay warm too! Deborah Canada

    MNTNSTARZ80 says:

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