Feeding my Kids on a Tight Budget! Pantry Meals

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  1. Teri Doster
    Teri Doster says:

    Best trick I’ve found for making sure cream cheese dissolves into a sauce is throwing it in the microwave for about 30 seconds before mixing it into the hot sauce. It microwaves better if it’s already at room temp, but it works fine if you’re anything like me and forget to take it out early enough, lol 💜 Lmk if you try it!
    Btw, i think your ex’s mom knew what she was talking about, I was taught in culinary school to always crush dried herbs like that before adding them to whatever I was cooking

  2. Crystal Montgomery-Yantzie
    Crystal Montgomery-Yantzie says:

    My kids loved tortillas, so wraps, quesadillas, pb&j pinwheels, pb& fruit pinwheels, and tortilla pizzas/rollups. Life saver for days when we were super busy with school & sports. They also loved to snack on fruit dipped in cream cheese dip, fruit kabobs, deviled eggs, zesty pasta salad with added tuna, cucumber, bell pepper, onion, and black olives. Homemade Lunchables & Uncrustables were also a hit.

  3. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    Question? When you can your stuff u take the cap off and just leave the top on? I see this on other channels I am just wondering if it's a preference or a scientific must do? I never canned before so I find this interesting

  4. Pam R
    Pam R says:

    Have a good Memorial Day! Before I forget, I love how you start you video with all the beauty around you, the view of the mountains WOW!!! The sky and around where you live🥰. Thank you for sharing 😊. Really enjoy all you do!! Take care Love Pam

  5. Johnette Haines
    Johnette Haines says:

    I don't add the shells until l have already made the made the cheese mixture l also use half cup of puree butternut squash into the cheese mixture. After the cheese mixture is in corporated l had the sheels

  6. Johnette Haines
    Johnette Haines says:

    I use 1/2 cup butternut squash in the boxed Mac and cheese. Just use same directions as box says. I add the squash in the cheese mixture before adding the noodles. I don't eat it any other way now. The butternut takes the box kind to a whole new level. The squash is pureed.

  7. sara vannorman
    sara vannorman says:

    With Mac and cheese, I drain the pasta then melt a tablespoon of butter in the pot with the milk and cheese before adding the pasta back in. That solves the powdered cheese not dissolving problem. I often throw in frozen peas with the pasta while it boils

  8. Angela Fleming
    Angela Fleming says:

    Hello Carolina I have been very busy in the garden and relandscaping my front yard I need to go back and catch up on some youtube that i have missed my kids go to quick lunch is doctored up kraft Mac and cheese and since i have been so busy there has been some Kraft mac n cheese going down for dinner as well. Hope yu have a great week!

  9. maryjane6074
    maryjane6074 says:

    I don't always get to comment, but I always watch your videos. I love all that you share, and I appreciate the humor, the realism, and most importantly the time, effort and energy you take to pour into your family. Thanks for sharing your greatness, I'm so glad I found this channel! Xoxo

  10. Nanny Tam
    Nanny Tam says:

    Great pasta video for kiddos! A trick for blending the sauce packets-milk, butter, pkg cheese, plus a slice or two of sandwich cheese (optional) in microwave and blend. Then add to your pasta. All my adult grandkids do this now. It even makes the very cheap Mac and cheese taste much better, and nuke it in your measuring cup so no extra dish to wash. Thanks, Carolina 🥰


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