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The Bear on Hulu featured a family recipe for Pasta al Sugo, this is The Pasta Queen’s version! Let’s combine the North and the …

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  1. Sonya Telechkun
    Sonya Telechkun says:

    Dear Pasta Queen and her team, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing so much joy and ease to my life! I’ve discovered your channel about a month ago and I’ve been so inspired to cook and cease the day! I am currently in Ukraine and it’s really hard to enjoy life, to do anything really because of the war😔. Your recipes as well as your beauty and humour give me a lot of comfort and strength! Thank you and wish you all the best❤️

  2. DJ DJ
    DJ DJ says:

    OMG have been wishing you would talk about your cookware…..Thank you so, so much. Would like to hear you talk about your other pan/pot. Love your detailed videos, you have so much detail and it’s just a joy to watch you. Again thank you and many blessings 🥰

  3. Gisela Swaragita
    Gisela Swaragita says:

    I love it that she did all the cooking and preparing while being gorgeous with perfect make up and sleek hair do and exquisite dress while the husband in the background does nothing with his titties out of his shabby t shirt looking like he's just woke up from a 12 hr sleep just to watch his wife cook bcs it's his favorite time of the day

  4. brikat342
    brikat342 says:

    Every time we do “pasta night” in my house, I go over all of the Pasta Queen’s videos and I have a brain aneurysm from struggling to decide.

    I’m clearly over exaggerating…. But I do have a hard time deciding which recipe to make.

  5. m fer
    m fer says:

    Can you take the onion and chop it up real fine and put it back into the sauce? in the orecchiette recipe I took out the garlic like you said but I minced it and added it back in at the end and it was delicious especially since I live garlic and onions


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