Fall Homemaking | Decorate, Clean and Cook With Me


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  1. Danna Gordon
    Danna Gordon says:

    Oh my goodness…..I must have access to that pillow of yours with the initials in the living room in the chair!!!!!!! I need them for lots of gifts! Where did you find? Was this your pillow business??? It is sooooooo special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your day. It's my fav besides your cooking. Watch all your videos now! I THINK YOU ARE NESTING!!!!!!!!!

  2. Liz Walker
    Liz Walker says:

    Love all of your “ dish finds”..they really make things look cozy and warm. youur dried flowers add the perfect touch..one thing I do for extra greenery is add grey sage and southernwood to my dried floral bouquets..they last forever with no water and look so pretty.🎃🍁..Beautiful job Lisa, and love your little Daniel❤️❤️🥰..Liz

  3. Karli Withee
    Karli Withee says:

    You probably get questions like this all the time, but where did you get those large glass storage “jars” that you keep flour and other bulk goods in in your pantry? Looking for ones like that recently 😬

  4. Natasha Marie L.
    Natasha Marie L. says:

    Hoping to have even half your energy once I get past this nasty “morning sickness”! I’m 10 weeks with baby 4 and feel like a blob. Lol I want to decorate for fall so much, but for now I enjoyed watching you decorate and cook!❤️

  5. Catherine Corn
    Catherine Corn says:

    I recently painted our carport door a similar green to your door. I never thought about it before but green is an under appreciated door color. 😂 I love your walkway. All the mums! I bought 14, they are my favorite fall flower, and 2 of our goats got out and cleaned every leaf and bloom off every plant in a matter of minutes. 🤦😂😂😂😂

  6. Simple Life Happy Wife
    Simple Life Happy Wife says:

    Oh my gosh that porch swing and the two windows near it so reminds me of the porch on The Walton's. Lovely farmhouse and I love all your videos Lisa. I tried Thrive some time back –thanks to you and Love all their products. Their baking soda and brown sugar have been game changers for making cookies that turn out perfectly delicious/soft/chewy!

  7. Karin Judge
    Karin Judge says:

    Lovely home Lisa . Your house is a farm house which is my favorite. I had a few myself. 🙂 The older window style is so reminiscent of my youth. The best is you at the stove with your cast iron. 🙂 Love the old fashion ways. God bless your family.


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