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  1. @hannahheartsedward
    @hannahheartsedward says:

    I think you were the one who recommended Lazy Day Cooking Club. I am really like it! My friend had me look at Hello Fresh and the only onion free meals were things I could easily put together myself. If you have a normal dietary restriction, Hello Fresh would probably be good. Anything with proportioned spices or broth are probably going to have onion.

  2. @annemcdermott3377
    @annemcdermott3377 says:

    SHARPIE MARKER !!!!!! I write the "best by" year LARGE on packages of food in my emergency bin, so it is super easy to rotate items. (No reading glasses needed!) Also , I put a reminder on my phone for once a quarter (every three months) to do a quick check on/rotate of thingss in my bin.

  3. @p123york9
    @p123york9 says:

    I have home-canned cooked ground beef. It doesn't have the most appetizing smell when you first open the jar (a bit like dog food, actually), but once it's cooked up with other ingredients, like for tacos, spaghetti sauce, stroganoff, etc., it's quite good and so convenient! Home-canned chicken or turkey is so much less expensive than the canned stuff, and even easier to can because it's raw-packed. All meats need to be pressure-canned in a properly sized pressure canner, of course.

  4. @krisqueen5939
    @krisqueen5939 says:

    ❤I like this idea. I think i will make some reusable net bags that would be see through but more durable. I have to travel tomorrow to a place that has no nearby grocery store, i will put a kit together to take with me. Good ideas. ❤

  5. @allthinghomewithlynn
    @allthinghomewithlynn says:

    Hello my friend… I’d like to call you that because I watch you all the time and feel like we have become friends😎 the canned ground beef is very good. I have purchased it many times, and the canned roast beef is excellent. The other thing that’s very good is the canned ham. I’d like to use that quite often. They’re now our bags so to speak of shelf, stable, meatballs, and taco meat which are also both very good. hope you have a great day today❤❤

  6. @rebeccaramsey1274
    @rebeccaramsey1274 says:

    How convenient that she posted this immediately after I searched for emergency meal kit ideas! I really hate the way our small town food pantry operates (associated with Feeding America if I'm remembering correctly) because they want so much information from people just to provide a box of food. I can't really imagine someone (who has just realized they don't have enough food for their kids to last til next payday) having to stress about all the documents needed, dealing with their limited hours of operation, then possibly going and hearing they make a few dollars too much or whatever! I want to start something that provides food to anyone that says "I need food, I don't have enough right now", whether it's every week or just one hard week out of their life.

  7. @beckyhines3814
    @beckyhines3814 says:

    They also have besides the beef, pork and chicken. I think also but not seen it in a while is Turkey I've made a casserole with the chicken or turkey many times. My kid loves it and also a couple of his friends.

  8. @cheesesandwich851
    @cheesesandwich851 says:

    I hate to say this but I loved your channel And your recipes and it made many of your meals but I don’t like your channel anymore because some people just can’t pay for a recipe and like in this video there’s two recipes that we get food from like the food bank that would turn into your meal but you don’t share your recipes anymore anymore you want to charge so I really don’t like leaving this comment but I felt like someone needed to

  9. @MajorMonkeytoes
    @MajorMonkeytoes says:

    Keystone meats are great! Several years ago I called the company because their expiration dates were hard to decipher (they've changed that now) and the lady I talked to said they put the raw meat in the can with a salt tablet on top, seal it, and cook it in the can. No added stuff is great for me and my food allergies.

  10. @shadowlink3339
    @shadowlink3339 says:

    I saw in your video that they also sold the beef in a can. You can use that for beef stew with canned potatoes, carrots, peas, etc. You can also do like a tuna salad or chicken salad and crackers. Chili with the canned ground beef, canned tomatoes and can of beans. The options are endless!

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. @esm1817
    @esm1817 says:

    Oh thanks for the video! Your bin at the beginning looks like my emergency kit backpacks. I just bought the stuff and that's where I am. I have to do some sorting now!

  12. @mruggier0
    @mruggier0 says:

    I’m going out of country for a month. Staying with friends in a condo where grocery stores not in area. Since I don’t want to go out for every meal every day, I’m putting together a list of non perishables I can bring in a second suitcase. Fish will be readily available as eggs. So I ordered powered cheese Amazon ,Peanut butter, jam, almond butter , dried pastas , dehydrated tomatoes, fruits and veggy jerky to have on hand . I can whip up lunch in a flash with staples . Hoping to be able to get some fresh produce and cheese butter etc Thx for ideas!!!


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