Easy Weeknight Sausage Ragù | Kenji's Cooking Show


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I apologize for the potato quality. Older video that I just got around to uploading and I think the stabilization on the camera was on light instead of normal. Here’s …
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  1. Bern W
    Bern W says:

    Please, for the love of God, link to Mario. I don't care what his weaknesses are, I only want to learn from his experience. Please let the left wingers go to hell while the rest of us move forward.

  2. Jason Bowen
    Jason Bowen says:

    Tell me you went to MIT without telling me you went to MIT.

    "I was talking to a mathematician friend of mine about the optimal way to dice onions and we came up with a model…"

  3. facultystaff
    facultystaff says:

    Hey Kenji, coming to this very late so you probably won’t see this but I’m confused on how much tomato you’re supposed to add. It looks like you use a 28 oz can in the video but the description calls for a 15.5 oz can. Not sure which is correct

  4. SageOfTheWest
    SageOfTheWest says:

    I've only recently started watching Kenji's stuff because of how inclusive and cool he seems to be but real talk, how often does he share the mathematician onion model story? This is the second time I've heard it within a week. I'm not really complaining, worst case scenario is I will subconsciously know how to perfectly slice onion.

  5. nnnooppee
    nnnooppee says:

    Kenji is the Bob Ross of cooking. So wise yet so relaxing, and almost definitely cooler than any person you know, while still being humble. Protect this man at all costs.

  6. Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith says:

    Back in my cooking days, early on I had a job where my task sheet had me dicing 100# of Spanish onions a day and eventually I intuited to treat the onion as if it formed an invisible teardrop on the bottom profile and to aim for that. Glad to know what I worked out is backed by hard math!

  7. Abraham
    Abraham says:

    3:00 or so – couldn't you just lightly brown a bunch of meat in one container, set aside, then finely grate another batch and brown it to build up fond and then deglaze? Seems like you could get the best of both worlds in one dish.


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