Easy Instant Pot Spaghetti (for Beginners)

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I am no Pinterest mom for sure. This recipe is easy, but is also very real. No high quality editing just straight ole fashion how I would normally do it. Thanks for …

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  1. Honey Bee
    Honey Bee says:

    I JUST made this and it was INCREDIBLE! I did just add my stock to the bottom and the sauce on the top. Prior to this I continued to get an error message by not adding enough liquid to the bottom. I thought it would end up soupy. The noodles sucked all that broth up and they were flavorful too! Thanks for the quick and easy recipe.

  2. エヌエー(ネフェル アズレさん)
    エヌエー(ネフェル アズレさん) says:

    Great recipe, only small tip would be to pour the broth over the noodles FIRST, then add the sauce. That way the noodles get soaked and you won't rinse the sauce off the noodles since you're adding it after the broth. Just seems more efficient. Other than that, looks great!

    Other tip is after it's brought to pressure and you have all that condensation after, you could put it back on saute for maybe 5 minutes and stir to reduce the liquid content and help the sauce thicken a lot faster. Bam perfect spaghetti.

  3. Willette Barnes
    Willette Barnes says:

    I cooked this before when I had my nieces over to my house for a weekend and it turned out so delicious we had broccoli, a salad and garlic bread with it. They really enjoyed it and asked me to make it again next time they sleep over.

  4. Tim Washington
    Tim Washington says:

    I will make this recipe but I do have a question I wanted to know why wouldn't you just put the chicken broth on before you put the spaghetti sauce on you can put the chicken broth all over the noodles or is that a no no? or put the chicken broth in before you put the noodles in


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