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This is a tribute to a very special lady. I didn’t do the looks of the eggs justice, but they taste like hers. She pasted away this month, …

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  1. Donielle
    Donielle says:

    R.I.P Miss Ethel . What a wonderful tribute to your friend by sharing her recipe ❤ I've never had them type of eggs before I'm going to try something similar soon . thanks Jeff

  2. Mark Draskovics
    Mark Draskovics says:

    HEY, JEFF This was such A very nice and Respectful tribute to Miss Ethel and her Recipe for Deviled eggs.. So God bless her and you for trying to keep her memory alive after her passing

  3. Bob
    Bob says:

    Sorry for the loss of your friend Miss Ethel. I do every once in a while enjoy deviled eggs. Like your wife, I put mustard in mine with paprika or even lemon pepper.


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