Delicious And Simple Fish Taco's

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00:00-Intro 0:24-Fullvideo 13:00-Outro Delicious And Simple Fish Taco’s Hello Everyone My Name is Gina Young. Cooking is my …

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  1. Salvatore Caiozza
    Salvatore Caiozza says:

    Hello Ms.Gina, I have missed U .. I had so much going on and I just stopped watching all my videos. Now I am back & I had to watch U because U. R one of my very favorites to watch,I just love watching U for Ur love,patience, understanding & all Ur lovely kind words. Now i have to get ready for work so until next time. Stay Safe and Strong and GOD BLESS.

  2. Sis M
    Sis M says:

    Love this! And love your Channel! You should have a cooking show on TV for sure. Thank you for filming closer up. Your videos are always so well done. Thank you.

  3. Charlotte Ebel
    Charlotte Ebel says:

    Hi Gina know l have never had fish 🦈 toco before but sure looks interesting 😋 Nothing would go better with fish than cole slaw l have tried many but only like my moms even better the second time

  4. Charlotte Starlet
    Charlotte Starlet says:

    Awesome video, Ms Gina! These fish tacos look so beautiful and delicious! I have had orange roughy before, it is delicious. Thank you for sharing this recipe! Love you Gina and family, God bless you all ❤️🙏

  5. Papa George Chronicles
    Papa George Chronicles says:

    Hey, sis! Hope you're feeling much better! I own a mobile food business and offer a Carribean fish taco on the menu. It's amazing and a best seller. It's simple as well. I created a special, creamy sauce and a fruity "slaw" that includes tropical fruits. Be well, sis! Love the videos!


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