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We are delighted to introduce to you today Carol from Glorious Life On Wheels on YouTube. Carol was inspired to get a cargo van and start a YouTube cooking …
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  1. Susan Shaver
    Susan Shaver says:

    So enjoyed this! I have subscribed to Carol's channel now:) Thank you so much for including the ingredient lists here for he recipes.
    Carol, can you please put your list of the spices you showed us that you keep on hand, and how you use them?

  2. Gabrielle Chilton
    Gabrielle Chilton says:

    Hi carol. I am an Italian girl. Every Saturday my mom made this for us. She would put the Fritada on the counter for us kids,. As we were doing chores around the house. We stop at the counter for a piece of Fritada, Italian bread and made sandwiches . So easy so good. Oh and always a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter. Our favorite veg in the Fritada, canned asparagus. Yummmmm. Carol. Make salmon patties for the Camera sometime. Make an easy Gumbo for the road as well.

  3. Taupey
    Taupey says:

    Looks and sounds wonderful. It's quickly made and easily made food which I seriously love. Yummy! Cake and biscuits Mmmm… YESSS! The chicken and rice looks beautiful! My mouth and stomach are ready! The frittata looks delicious. Thank you, Ms. Carol. I'm subscribing to your channel.

  4. Marirose
    Marirose says:

    Will the guest be Lex? I wonder. Whoever it is I’m sure it’ll be great. Delightful to see you Robert!!💙💫🌀~Marirose Oh, It’s Carol from Glorious Life on Wheels. I know you but didn’t know your channel name. Will definitely subscribe bc didn’t see you on your channel so now I know where to go. And I’m getting a butane stove soon. Will see if you recommend one here or on your channel.

  5. August Calderaro
    August Calderaro says:

    Sounds delicious, plus not to difficult for one who does not cook, thank you for sharing much appreciated. Cold pork and beans out of a can really suck, I know that for sure!


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