Cozy Winter Vlog | snow days, making soup, fun nails, nature walk, work days in my life

Cozy Winter Vlog | snow days, making soup, fun nails, nature walk, work days in my life

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Hope you guys enjoy these few cozy, snowy winter days in my life! Check out the new Sony LinkBuds S in Earth Blue!

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  1. Sydnee Cole
    Sydnee Cole says:

    it’s crazy to me to see the views going down for youtubers. i never miss one of your uploads and i just wish people would return to the platform? it’s interesting
    love you! ❤

  2. Rebecca Reagan
    Rebecca Reagan says:

    Loved this cozy vlog! 🥰 You have inspired me to buy some microwave popcorn on my next grocery trip AND make some hot chocolate as a sweet treat. The weather has turned where I live also and it's been really dark and depressing so thank you for helping us romanticize this month. Can't wait for Christmas vlogs! 🎄

  3. Kelly Nguyen
    Kelly Nguyen says:

    No I've never actually cared for the black boba so I don't order it with my drinks bc why pay extra, but I do love herbal jelly or pudding so maybe try out some other toppings if they have it!

  4. Natasha
    Natasha says:

    Your vlogs are so lovely to watch and I’ve been enjoying your videos since the OG days. I admire your dedication and constant openness! Thanks for sharing your creations with us!!
    Edit: I also do not enjoy bobba balls themselves they remind me of tapioca cause they basically are And your view from the park reminds me of a real life Christmas village

  5. mauracat
    mauracat says:

    such a cutie fall vlog!! the family park walk was so nice, and i'm obsessed with your outfits as always!
    the sony headphones are cute as heck too 🤩 i might have to get some!

  6. Brittany Sloan
    Brittany Sloan says:

    I developed an onion intolerance at 19 years old. Sometimes it affects me in small amounts and sometimes it takes a lot. I get really bad cramping, like even worse than period cramps. Idk if that's also what you're experiencing, if so I'm so sorry. Onions being such a necessary ingredient in almost all food types is the most difficult part of it.

  7. XchavelitaX
    XchavelitaX says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this vlog and the little clips of nature, your surroundings and different angles of the little things you were doing. It’s special seeing the world through your lenses, plss keep doing that 💛 love you girlll


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