Cozy Comfort Casseroles | Make Ahead Freezer Meals

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Get warmed up with these cozy comfort casseroles that are perfect for winter. Join the Freezer Meals 101 Club and get your …

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  1. Belinda Firley
    Belinda Firley says:

    Thank you again for more inspirational freezer meals for me and my family to try along with many others. I love Veggie Tales…. I think even more than my Hubby and our boys! Hehe. Much love and God Bless from our family to the both of yours from Australia xxxx

  2. From Canada With Love
    From Canada With Love says:

    Love this video!! Being a duel US Canadian citizen who was born in Southern California I think you'd get a more authentic tamale flavor by using Masa flour which is used to make corn tortillas and tamales. I found mine at No Frills in the Edmonton area but I bet Superstore and Save On foods would probably have it too. Just substitute the Masa for the cornmeal. I wish we had Jiffy here, it's something I bring home when I go visit family among other favorite things I miss!

  3. Jamie Walczynski
    Jamie Walczynski says:

    Speaking of things we cant get in the US…the kraft sundried tomato and oregano! I can only find it on Amazon shipping from Canada and it is $17!!
    Any substitute you all would recommend?
    Loving the kitchen!
    Happy birthday month!!!!❤

  4. Dee Hicks
    Dee Hicks says:

    Thank you, ladies, so much for sharing these! Being a single elder, anything easy is a godsend. I really want to try the beef hash recipe first, but I am going to add some mixed bell peppers to it. Keep up the great work! I love your videos, and you've inspired me so much. I actually made 2 weeks' worth of 4 different dinners and will be doing more! Thanks again!🥰 🍴

  5. Jeanne Marie MacKenzie
    Jeanne Marie MacKenzie says:

    Hey there Christie and Sharla!! 👋👋OMG. We can't get corn muffin mixes on the east coast (of Canada), either. When we used to live in New Brunswick, we'd sometimes to go Calais, ME, and we get groceries (and gas up! LOL). I used to pick up 10 or 12 of the Jiffy boxes of Corn Muffin mix!! I loved that stuff. Yum Yum Yum! Nothing like that here, though. You never disappoint! Your recipes always inspire. There are two of these that I will be making very soon: Lazy Chicken Parm and Beef Hash. Mmmmmmmm Thank you both for being so YOU!! Genuine and lovely. Can't wait for the next one! 🥰😘

  6. betty Madden
    betty Madden says:

    If you’ve never heard of it you can add corn bread on top of chili in a casserole dish and follow the directions as you do with your casserole. Same thing. Same concept. Very good. Very homey.


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