Could YOU tell which one is REAL?

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  1. Rebeccafp
    Rebeccafp says:

    You have been a godsend as far as being an accessible guide to food science for the layman. I make my soy milk at home, but because my roommate is allergic, I have to be careful about when I do it! I was wondering if you could do a video about preservatives like citric acid or sodium benzoate? It would be so helpful for me to be able to make larger batches!

  2. Melaneykk
    Melaneykk says:

    I just want to say buttermilk should be lovely. If you are making something that tastes bad your doing it wrong. It should be tangy and rich. Not bitter. I don't know where you got the idea that it tastes bad.

  3. Devin Ians
    Devin Ians says:

    Great video as always, your energy and commentary on this one is 🔥! Giving off some serious Babish vibes, in the highest degree of compliments. Stay fantastic <3

  4. Louise Echoes
    Louise Echoes says:

    Not only does this look really good, but I appreciate the honesty of your videos. Making a mess, showing your mistake and admitting them, having the confidence to poke fun at them- They don't take away from your video quality whatsoever, and in fact I would argue makes them more authentic and fun to watch.

  5. JayB
    JayB says:

    Hey there! I absolutely love your videos. I have one small suggestion – since you are so often comparing different ways to make the same thing – vegan bacon, for example – it would be really coolif you could somehow still indicate which approach you think is the best. Whenever I want to make vegan fake meat I end up watching each video to see which one you and Monica were most excited by haha.

  6. Jonathon Chase
    Jonathon Chase says:

    Love that you keep it real with the mess making. Too many highly edited cooking video and pics make it look like messy cooks are doing it wrong. I worry it may discourage folks who have anxiety around cooking.

  7. Letticia Morgan
    Letticia Morgan says:

    The vegan lactic acid kosher? I know it’s vegan but I’m just wondering where is lactic acid come from? I mean is it synthetically mean I have a question sorry I know you don’t like questions it’s just I can’t have dairy and now I’m having a problem so I can’t properly eat, so that doesn’t leave much to go with my diet is so restrictive despite watching you make sure it’s almost as good as eating it lol just one question your parents are definitely not vegan right?

  8. Ryan W
    Ryan W says:

    Check to see if there's a Mediterranean grocery near you! I bought a giant bottle of smoked paprika for like $5 from mine and it's lasted me a year

  9. diana povero
    diana povero says:

    I think the reason you get the kind of comments you parody in your videos is that you're more science nerd than home cook here, to be fair your "mess" FEELS staged. I honestly think you're more "real" than you look but I can see what folks are reacting to as well.

  10. Sami B.
    Sami B. says:

    I completely destroy my kitchen every time I make fried chicken. It’s always a mess so this was funny to watch. Your mom was so cute too. Will have to try this.

    Have you seen Juicy marbles yet??

  11. AndrewWasHere 82
    AndrewWasHere 82 says:

    You had at me at "black garlic". I'd love to try Immi, but almost $6 for instant Ramen is hard to justify, since the ones I get are less than a $1. I understand they're garbage, get what you pay for kind of thing. But still…

  12. S C
    S C says:

    I feel like asking which one is real chicken doesn’t really tell much, anyone would just assume one has to be real chicken? Would it not be a fairer test to ask if if they think any of them are chicken? No hate intended, just seen you ask it a few times and wonder if it gives you an answer you want rather than an answer the tester believes


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