Copycat Chick Fil A Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe


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Copycat Chick Fil A Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe. Who doesn’t love a good copycat recipe, especially when its a CHICK FIL A copycat recipe?! I was able to get …
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  1. Michelle Zerber
    Michelle Zerber says:

    Morning! This looks great! Can I give you a little hint? If you are going to freeze any, which I would since I would be the only one eating it, put the cream in when you thaw it out. Cream/half in half does not freeze well.

  2. Lisa Blackwelder
    Lisa Blackwelder says:

    Of all the soups I make….I’ve never done this one. I’m not sure why, but this looks so yummy…can’t wait to try it. But I have a question….why didn’t you use the broth that was made when you pressure cooked the chicken? Please don’t say you threw it out 😱🤣🤣

  3. arthrodea
    arthrodea says:

    OMG, those corn tortilla strips are so good…. I bought some with the intent of using them to top a salad (Rachel Rays "grilled chicken and corn salad with chiptole crema)… and I ended up eating them – WITHOUT the salad! Oops.
    Your soup looks great! It actually looks better than Chick-fil-a's real version to me.
    I was google-searching the ingredients for Chick-fil-a's tortilla soup to see if I could reverse engineer it. The website lists the ingredients as "navy beans, onions, black beans, corn, sour cream green chilies, cream, red bell peppers, celery, cilantro, "roast chicken flavor" (I assume like a bouillion base) garlic, sugar, "spices" lemon juice, chili powder" and then corn and wheat flour to thicken the soup. (No tomatoes in the ingredients!?)
    Then, an article online said they add both the spicy and regular fried Chick-fil-a chicken!! So I guess the fried, spicy coating gets dissolved into the soup broth and gives it such complex flavor.
    So you can just add your leftover Chick-fil-a….. yeah right, who has leftover?!
    Also, at the bottom of that article there's some cool ideas of how to morph the chicken tortilla soup into other things – like a pot pie with a corn bread topping.


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