Cooking Gourmet Instant Ramen in Instant Pot

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Trying out the instant pot to cook some instant ramen! Pretty tasty stuff~ Thanks so much for watching, much love one love …

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  1. Hashime
    Hashime says:

    Wow! My family actually has the exact same instant pot (in red) but we only really ever use it to cook rice, I totally forgot you could actually cook things in it!

  2. YoutubeHub
    YoutubeHub says:

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  3. Audrey-Anne
    Audrey-Anne says:

    I thought the whole point of a pressure cooker was to cook things faster so 2 hours probably equate to what, 4-5hours of simmering in a normal pot? Imagine spending that long on a pack of « instant » ramen 😂 but once the broth is made and delicious I guess you can do whatever else with it! I’m glad it was worth it and you were able to have a delicious dinner on your birthday 🎉

  4. JanuaryBlue🕊️
    JanuaryBlue🕊️ says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I shouldn't be watching this at 2.30am…. that looks so good! I haven't had instant noodles in months. in our chinese household, we always have some kind of noodle dish on birthdays. wish you have a healthy, happy life! I'm saving this video to try out your recipe one day on my cheat day. take care!

  5. Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim says:

    Happy Birthdy Daboki! I'm going to have to try this instant pot hack some time this recipe looks pretty good :).
    I recommend trying 꼬리곰탕 as a base for gourmet ramen!

  6. Ossyria
    Ossyria says:

    I feel like it's been so long since you've cooked "instant" noodles on video, honestly I loved watching you try all your different ways to cook this stuff, gives me ideas which I unfortunately can't utilize cuz it's hard to find the Korean-based ingredients where I live


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