Chicken Meatballs in a Creamy Spinach & Feta Sauce

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  1. Debbie Zullo
    Debbie Zullo says:

    The great chef Jacques Pepin suggests anytime you grind any type of meat in the food processor to add a few ice cubes to it. Then pulse it until you reach the desired grind. Really enjoy your videos. Stay well❤

  2. Sandy A
    Sandy A says:

    Another delicious looking recipe👏 You are so lovely and always deliver great content in a clear, calm and positive manner. I am so glad I subscribed and apologize for not saying it sooner!
    Thank-you for so many fantastic recipes.🥰

  3. O Really?
    O Really? says:

    Missed you!!!! You may have been on vacation i haven't been getting your notifications – Glad i got today's recipe! ( I'd break off a piece of that feta and pop it in my mouth lol )

  4. Linda C
    Linda C says:

    Dimitra, I just made the prasorizo last night (left a note on your page on video/website discrepancy), was discussing it with my niece, and she asked me for the link!
    I think I'll share this with her as well!
    (I generally eat pasta with butter and salt 😅)

  5. Maria’s Tasty Kitchen
    Maria’s Tasty Kitchen says:

    Good morning my friend Dimitra what a great idea I have some chicken thighs I will try this recipe. It looks so yummy so delicious thank you for sharing. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your family and God bless.🙏😋💕🌏


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